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    Fast Track – priority access to security

    Fast Track Terminal 3

    Enhance your experience with Heathrow's Fast Track Security.

    Pre-book a priority service through security, and get your journey off to a great start.
    Book online to secure your place, as access is limited, and bookings must be made no later than one day before travel.

    How to access Heathrow's Fast Track Security

    • Book a time-slot approximately two hours before your flight is scheduled to depart
    • On arrival at Heathrow, after check-in, proceed to the Fast Track security area in the terminal of your departure ( if you are travelling through Terminal 5, please proceed to the North Fast Track Security area )
    • To gain access present your booking confirmation to the officer at the desk.

    Fast Track Security

    Airline eligibility: Departures Fast Track is currently offered by some airlines to passengers travelling in premium cabins and to selective frequent flyer card holders as well as by Heathrow to American Express Centurion Card holders. For passengers who are eligible for access to Fast Track Security, Connections or Arrivals with their airline ticket, please click here.

    Connections and Arrivals: Connections and Arrivals Fast Track is currently not available for purchase at Heathrow.

    Important information: All passengers flying out of Heathrow Airport are subject to the same security procedures and regulations. Heathrow recommends that passengers ensure that they have allowed enough time for the usual security and x-ray screening. As a premium experience, customers who have purchased access to Fast Track Security will be given a priority service to ensure that waiting is kept to a minimum. However, we cannot guarantee a maximum or minimum queue length or time. Access to Heathrow’s Fast Track Security is granted through a pre-booked time slot. Whilst Heathrow will endeavour to ensure that all passengers are able to access Fast Track, access may be denied for latecomers. Please remember that it is the passenger's responsibility to ensure they arrive at the departure gate at the published boarding time as stated by the airline. Heathrow Airport is not responsible for any passengers who miss their flight because they did not allow enough time to go through the check-in and security process. Please note all passengers including infants and babies require both an airline ticket and a Fast Track ticket if they want to pass through Fast Track security.

    Fast Track Security