Heathrow rail disruption: 1-9 October

Due to planned industrial action, public transport to and from Heathrow will be disrupted from 1 October - 9 October. Please plan your journey in advance and ensure you leave enough time to get to the airport as roads may be busier than normal.

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  • Bag wrapping services available in every terminal

    Operated by
    Excess Baggage Company

    Protect your luggage

    Protect your luggage with an ultra-resistant shield for enhanced travel hygiene. Ensure your
    luggage is safe, secure and protected with a tough tamper-proof wrap material.

    Wrapping is available before security in departures and arrivals in every terminal

      Basic wrap Classic wrap Ultra wrap
    Prices £15 £17.50 £22.50


    No baggage liability protection included  Includes £1500 Baggage Liability Protection        Includes £3000 Baggage Liability Protection and Luggage Tracking


    2 items wrapped together as 1 for £26.00 (No baggage liability protection included) 

    Excess Baggage Company

    Baggage wrapping services are provided by Excess Baggage Company. Wrapping is available in all terminals.


    Wrap and pack

    Excess Baggage Company will securely wrap any item of luggage for enhanced travel hygiene. Packing services for outsized items are also available.