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  • Heathrow internet and Wi-Fi access

    Need to be online while you're on the move? You can work, browse and keep in touch via wireless broadband (Wi-Fi) or using internet-connected PCs.

    Heathrow internet and Wi-Fi access

    Free Wi-Fi at Heathrow

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    Enjoy the Wifi on the house

    There's Wi-Fi available throughout the terminal to help you stay in touch or plan your travels. Just choose _Heathrow Wi-Fi and follow the on-screen instructions. Once registered, you'll receive free Wi-Fi for the duration of your stay at Heathrow. If you need help accessing or using Heathrow Wi-Fi, call Customer Care on 0808 189 1365.

    Internet terminals
    There are free computer desks with broadband access in every terminal – you'll find locations on our terminal maps.