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  • Valet Parking Update

    Due to COVID-19 and the advice of social distancing, for the health and safety of our passengers and colleagues alike, Valet Parking Services have been temporarily suspended.


    Parking for busy people

    Enjoy the luxury of having someone park your car for you while you get on with your day and get your car back sparkly clean with our Car Care service, including professional cleaning and vacuuming.

    Where are we?

    Valet Parking is at every terminal. Our reception is open from 0500 to 22.30 for final collection.

    Valet parking rates


    Duration Price (effective 6 January 2020)
    1 day £112.40
    2 days £153.30
    3 days £193.20
    4 days £233.10
    Each additional 24-hour period, or part thereof £30.50
    2* Car Care (external wash) £45.00
    3* Car Care (internal and external wash) £75.00

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