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Terminal 4

Get all the latest information on our recently-refurbished Terminal 4, serving a wide range of European and long haul routes.

Things to do at Heathrow Terminal 4

Restaurants at Terminal 4


Bon appetit

There's flavours from all over the world to choose from at Terminal 4. Take a culinary trip before you board and pre-book to keep ahead of the curve.

Shopping at Terminal 4


Travel Treasures

Whatever you need, wherever you're travelling, you're sure to find it at Terminal 4. Browse ahead and reserve to avoid disappointment.

Lounges at Terminal 4


Independent lounge

Settle into Terminal 4's Plaza Premium lounge, the perfect place to unwind and indulge before take-off.

Hotels at Terminal 4


Stay the night

Spend the night in the four-star Hilton, with restaurants and fitness center, just a short walk from Terminal 4.

Getting to Terminal 4

  • Transport links
    Transport links

    Work out your best route to the airport.

    Getting here
  • Practical parking
    Practical parking

    Find the nearest secure parking spot for your terminal.

    Getting parked
  • Travel between terminals
    Travel between terminals

    Get to and from terminals quickly with our transfer guide.

    Transfer to different hub

Live flight information

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More at Terminal 4

Find out what's going on in terminal 4.

  • Fast track
    Fast track

    Pre-book a priority service through security, and get your journey off to a great start.

    Find out more
  • WiFi

    Need to be online when you're on the move? You can work, browse and keep in touch via wireless broadband (WiFi).

    Find out more
  • Pre-order food
    Pre-order food

    Choose a delicious dish from a selection of Heathrow restaurants with the Grab app and it’ll await you in your terminal.

    Find out more

Get to know Terminals at Heathrow

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