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Heathrow hotels

Choose from a number of popular hotels around Heathrow.

Hotels at the terminal

  • Aerotel (Terminal 3)
    Aerotel (Terminal 3)

    Brand new hotel connected to Terminal 3 Arrivals.

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  • Hilton (Terminal 4)
    Hilton (Terminal 4)

    Four-star hotel with three restaurants, business and fitness centres.

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  • Sofitel (Terminal 5)
    Sofitel (Terminal 5)

    Luxury hotel with 605 rooms, two restaurants and conference facilities.

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Day rooms in departures

  • No1 Lounges (Terminal 3)
    No1 Lounges (Terminal 3)

    Located in the departure lounge (after security) – ideal for passengers connecting through Terminal 3 with at least three hours between flights. Twin (bunk) and single rooms are available.

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