Terminal Drop-Off Charge

A £5 charge applies to vehicles dropping off passengers at the designated drop-off zones, located directly outside the terminals. Discounts and exemptions apply. Free drop-off is available at our Long Stay car parks.

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    Help for coach drivers, tour group leaders and anyone dropping off or collecting a group from Heathrow Airport.

    Step 1 - Pre-book your coach park Parking/Forecourt permit before coming to Heathrow.

    You can book a permit and forecourt slot online;  pre-book your parking online. Alternatively, you can arrange your permit directly at the West Ramp Coach Park (WRCP).  If you do not pre book your permit and forecourt slot you may be turned away if site has reached capacity. You will need to provide the following details:

    • Vehicle registration number
    • Operating company name. If working on behalf of another operator, please give the name of that company
    • Flight number you are meeting, and time group is scheduled to be collected
    • Payment:

    Available payment methods:

    • Payment by credit/debit card in advance
    • Cash on arrival at WRCP

    Heathrow Permit tariff

    £56.54 inclusive of VAT. (valid for one journey)

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    Step 2 - Report to the West Ramp Coach Park (WRCP) - All Charter coaches who wish to collect their groups from the terminal forecourt must attend the WRCP first.

    1. Use the pre-booking system to purchase their forecourt permit and slot. State the time of the flight you are meeting and the time you intend to arrive at Heathrow.
    2. If you have failed to advance book/purchase your permit you can collect on the day however you may be turned away from the WRCP and use of the Forecourt if slots are full.  
    3. Parking at WRCP in advance of collections from a forecourt is restricted to 30 minutes prior to collection/ pick-up time.
    4. Coaches will be dispatched to forecourt from the WRCP by the Coach Marshall team during operational hours.  Once the forecourt team confirm the group is ready at the terminal the driver will be informed and dispatched.
    5. All coaches are allowed a maximum of 20 minutes on a forecourt stand to collect and load passengers.
    6. All coaches will be met by our forecourt team at the designated stands and their permits verified. Coaches will not be dispatched to arrive more than 10 minutes before their booked time slot to reduce forecourt dwell.

    Operators who fail to purchase a forecourt permit may be refused access and turned away from the forecourt.

    Out of hours

    Coach drivers collecting passengers after 22:30 will need to wait off site and can drive straight to the terminal without obtaining a permit. Coaches arriving at Heathrow after WRCP closes should not arrive at the terminal before 22:15. Late movements are also reminded there is a maximum dwell of 20 minutes at the terminal forecourt.

    Coach drivers collecting passengers prior to 06:00 can drive straight to the terminal without obtaining a permit. Coaches waiting at a terminal after 06:00 will be requested to go to the WRCP and purchase a permit before returning.

    If your flight comes in before the coach park opens at 06:00 but the party will not be ready for collection until after 06:00, please wait off site and then make your way to the WRCP and purchase a permit to avoid being refuse access to the forecourt stand or asked to return to the WRCP from the forecourt.

    The coach park is manned by members of the Bus & Coach Team 364 days a year from 06:00 – 22:00 excluding Christmas Day.

    Step 3 - Remain in the coach park until released

    Upon payment you will be given a permit, and this will detail the expected time of arrival of your flight.  Please wait in the drivers' rest room or in the vicinity of the Control Office until you are called forward and dispatched to the terminal. If you need to return to your vehicle it is your responsibility to be at the Control Office in time to be released to the terminal.

    Terminal 5

    In peak season once registered, coaches for T5 will be dispatched to the T5 Forward Coach Park prior to being called forward to the forecourt. This helps manage capacity in the WRCP. This can be found by following the road signs. Drivers will then wait with their vehicles and be dispatched. T5 Forward Coach Park (FCP) has no refreshment facility.

    Step 4 - proceed to the terminal

    Group leaders must make contact with the Forecourt Coach Marshall to advise that their group is ready for collection.  They should advise the forecourt Marshal of the coach operators details who is waiting in the WRCP to be dispatched. The coach marshal is in radio contact with the WRCP controller and they will confirm that the coach can be dispatched to terminal.  If a group leader cannot locate the Forecourt Coach Marshal, please call +44 (0)7814 246 995.

    Parking Stands at the terminal

    • Terminal 2: Bays 13 and 14 Lane 4
    • Terminal 3: Bays 7, 8, 9, and 10 T3 FCP
    • Terminal 4: Bays 16 and 17 lane 2
    • Terminal 5: Bays 16b and 16c on Lane 1

    Terminal 5

    In Peak season prior to going on stand at the terminal, coaches will be directed to enter the Terminal 5 Forward Coach Park (FCP) controlled by the Coach Marshal

    The coach then waits at the T5 FCP until advised to move on to the forecourt (via the Coach Marshal).  The T5FCP Coach Marshal is in radio contact with the Forecourt Coach Marshall (FCM) and they will confirm when the coach can be dispatched to terminal.  

    T5 Forward Coach Park (FCP) has no refreshment facility and limited toilet facilities. Drivers must, always remain with their vehicles in the T5 FCP.  

    Step 5 - await your group at the terminal

    Group Leaders are required to ensure all the group is together and cleared from Baggage reclaim and Customs before they request their coach to be called to the Terminal Stand.  For safety we request that groups remain in the terminal until the coach is on stand and only a group representative approaches the FCM to ask for the coach to be called forward.  Coaches will take no longer than 10 minutes to reach the terminal and this is when groups should be brought to stand ready for loading.

    On arrival on stand the driver must report to the Forecourt Coach Marshall who will validate your permit. Display your permit clearly in your vehicle windscreen whilst waiting and loading. This does not contravene the “no waiting” regulations. You are restricted to 20 minutes maximum wait on stand.

    The terminal forecourt areas are patrolled regularly by the Metropolitan Police and Heathrow Traffic Flow Controllers, and you must move your vehicle if requested at any time. Drivers must always remain with their vehicle whilst it is within the terminal area.

    Premium Coach service 

    Provide a premium service for your guests with Heathrow Group Services. From Meet and Assist agents to greet your group, to Welcome Hosts to organise their arrival and liaise with your driver, and even a branded Welcome Desk to process your guests, Heathrow Group Services can help make your arrival experience as smooth as possible.

    Depending on your terminal, we may be able to work with the coach park itself.

    For more information, please contact us at group_services@heathrow.com to discuss further.


    If you are dropping off a group of departing passengers you may do so in the following locations at each terminal.

    • Terminal 2: Arrivals forecourt | Lane 3 | Bus Stop 17
    • Terminal 3: Departures forecourt | Lane 2
    • Terminal 4: Arrivals forecourt | Lane 3 | Bus Stop 21
    • Terminal 5: Arrivals forecourt | Lane 2 | Bus Stop 31


    If you are travelling as a group and are expecting a tour representative, make your way through Customs and look for the meeting point in Arrivals.

    Tour representatives

    Step 1

    Escort your group to the designated Group Travel areas on the forecourt. Please do not request your coach if your passengers are not ready. If your coach arrives at the terminal and your passengers are not ready to depart, it will be sent back to the West Ramp Coach Park.

    Step 2

    Provide the Coach Marshal with:

    • The name of the coach company or tour operator
    • The flight number
    • Your destination.

    If you are collecting passengers from more than one terminal, please make sure you have both the driver's and West Ramp Coach Park’s contact telephone numbers. Depending on the arrival times and the arrangements made, the pick-up process can be agreed.

    Step 3

    Wait for your transport to arrive. If you cannot locate the Coach Marshal please call +44 (0)7814 246 995.

    Step 1

    If you are travelling as a group but not expecting a tour operator, make your way to the designated Group Travel areas on the terminal forecourt.

    Step 2

    Provide the Coach Marshal with:

    • The name of the coach company or tour operator
    • The flight number
    • Your destination.
    Step 3

    Wait for your transport to arrive. If you cannot locate the Coach Marshal please call +44 (0)7814 246 995.

    West Ramp Coach Park, London Heathrow Airport, Hounslow, TW6 2QU.

    Airport information desks (all terminals): 0844 335 1801.