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St Pancras to Heathrow Airport

Find the different options for getting between Heathrow and St Pancras Station.

How to get from London St Pancras to London Heathrow Airport (LHR)

Frequently asked questions

There are multiple options for getting from London St Pancras Station to Heathrow Airport on public transport.

The fastest route is to travel from St Pancras to Paddington on the London Underground, and then take the Heathrow Express, a non-stop service between Paddington and Heathrow. The typical journey time for this route takes around 45 minutes.

The most direct and cheapest route for this journey is to take the Piccadilly line directly from St Pancras to Heathrow. This journey takes just over an hour to complete.

There is one direct train route from St Pancras to Heathrow. The Piccadilly line on the London Underground takes just over an hour to complete the journey, serving several stations across Central and West London along the way.

Other faster routes are available, such as taking the Heathrow Express or Elizabeth line, however catching these routes require changing trains.

The journey between St Pancras and Heathrow Airport typically takes between 45 minutes and 1 hour 15 minutes, depending on your chosen route and the time of day you are travelling.

A typical black cab taxi fare from St Pancras, will cost between £56.00 and £105.00*, and will take between 30 minutes and an hour, both depending on the time of day you are making the journey, and which Heathrow Terminal you are travelling to.

You can also book a taxi or private hire car through one of Heathrow’s approved providers WeKnow London and Minicabit, who can offer fixed rates for your journey.

*This is the standard fare bracket when taking a black cab between Central London and Heathrow airport.

When travelling on the London Underground, the journey between St Pancras and Heathrow Airport will typically take around an hour, however this is dependent on which Terminal you are travelling to at Heathrow, the route you are taking, and the time of day.