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Heathrow Bears

Which of our bears are you?

Convinced you were born into the wrong decade? Take a leaf out of the bears’ books and travel through time with our festive quiz. Whether you’re prone to kitchen discos or prefer settling down to a classic movie, let us pop you back to the perfect time. No plane ticket necessary.

Heathrow Bears

Heathrow Airport in the 60s

With over 50 years of making every journey better, Steve Killick's seen more than most. A world where polished shoes were standard and way before mobile phones, he recounts his time at Heathrow during the 60s.

Costume Design and Travel Fashion

Edward and Doris have never been afraid of experimenting with their sense of style, and we can thank costume designer Tara Stift for that. Tara shares the joy of researching the different eras, all to find the perfect look for the whole Bair family.

Closer this Christmas

For over 70 years we’ve been reuniting families for Christmas. A lot’s changed in that time, not least Edward and Doris’ fashion sense. But the big hugs and little surprises remain, as you’ll discover in our new film starring the Heathrow Bears.

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Did you enjoy your trip down memory lane? Discover more to the Heathrow Bears’ charming story by downloading our free app. Meet Doris and Edward in the terminals up close and personal and make sure you snap a photo with them while you’re here. Not travelling? Download and print our special augmented reality bookmark for a unique experience of your own.

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Two toy bears, an old couple wearing coats and hats, in Heathrow a lounge

Musical Bears

If you've enjoyed the soundtrack to this year's TV advert, you can listen on Spotify here: