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Our whisky festival will be running across all terminals, so make sure to explore our exclusive lines, special offers and limited-time menus during your travels.
Embark on a journey of discovery through our exceptional collection, featuring a handpicked selection of exquisite Scotch whisky, distinguished Irish expressions, and refined Bourbon varieties. Immerse yourself in our opulent offerings and unearth the perfect bottle that will undoubtedly satisfy the most discerning palates.

Fancy a whimsical taste of whisky before jetting off on your travels? Savour these exclusive and delicious whisky-based dishes in selected restaurants. 

Whiskey Tiger Prawns

Shan shui

Tiger prawns wok-fried with homemade chili paste and flambéed in whiskey.

Whiskey Tiger Prawns

big smoke

Monkey shoulder BBQ glaze pulled pork burger & Lazy Old-Fashioned cocktail.

Whiskey Tiger Prawns

Caviar House & Prunier

Finest Salmon from the pure waters of Scotland, paired with Woodford Reserve.

Raise a glass to your next adventure with a glass of age-old whisky, across various terminals in Heathrow. 


The Curator

Have it your way Jameson’s



Have it your way Maker’s Mark


The Prince of Wales

Have it your way Glenmorangie 10-year-old

Plane food – Gordon Ramsay’s British diner in Terminal 5 will showcase exclusive whisky-based cocktails to wet your whistle with before your travels. 


kentucky peach

Savor the Southern charm with Maker's Mark Bourbon

A perfect blend of sweet peaches, refreshing mint, and smooth bourbon, served over ice.


King of Scotland

Elevate your senses with Highland Park 12 Year Old

Immerse yourself in the rich smokiness of the whisky, the zesty allure of Cointreau, and the effervescent elegance of champagne.