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Flying with pets and assistance animals

Helpful tips so animals travel in comfort too,

Here is a quick check list of some the official documentation required to travel in and out of the United Kingdom.

  • Check your airline is registered to transport assistance dogs to and from Heathrow. Airlines registered.
  • Read the UK Government guidelines on travelling with animals and ensure your dog has all the necessary documentation, vaccinations, treatments and tests for each country.
  • Ensure you have Heathrow Animal Reception Centre approval to enter the UK. This must be done at least 72 hours before your flight. You will be asked to show your acceptance letter before boarding your flight to the United Kingdom.

Most airlines will accept assistance dogs. Tell them about your assistance dog as soon as possible or at least 48 hours before your travel. Often you can provide these details when you book your ticket. Let your airline know about your return details too. 

Airline contacts

The airline will pass on your details to are dedicated Assistance team. When you get to the airport make your way to the Assistance area and they will ensure you have the correct documentation and help you on your way. If you are arriving or connecting at Heathrow, a member of the Assistance team will meet you at the aircraft.

Our Assistance areas are located in the following areas:

Map locations

Terminal 2

Terminal 3

Terminal 4

Terminal 5

At the moment in Terminal 3 and Terminal 5, we have a dedicated facility with hard and soft surfaces where animals can relieve themselves. Pet waste bags and bins are provided. Open for all flights they are situated as follows:

We have plans to provide more facilities in Termianl 2 and Terminal 3.