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  • Delayed or cancelled flights FAQs

    Frequently asked questions about delayed or cancelled flights.

    If your flight has been cancelled, you'll need to speak to your airline or travel agent directly. They will take you through your options and will be able to help with re-ticketing.


    Your airline has the primary responsibility to assist you if you require overnight accommodation. Alternatively, there are a number of hotels a short bus ride from the airport or linked directly to our terminals. For more information or to book online, visit our hotels page.


    It depends on the circumstances – you'll need to discuss the situation  with your airline,  travel agent or insurance company.

    If you think you may be entitled to compensation there's an advice page on the Civil Aviation Authority website.



    At times airlines may receiving a large number of passenger queries at once, but we do recommend that passengers continue to try to contact their airline directly, whether by phone or online. Further information can also be found on airline websites and Twitter.