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Flight connections FAQs

Frequently asked questions about flight connections at Heathrow.

Connecting through Heathrow may seem daunting, but the airport is well signposted to make things easier. Just follow the purple connections signs which clearly point you in the direction of the departure lounge or buses if you are travelling from a new terminal. Be warned: everyone who boards a new flight at Heathrow will have to go through security.

Why not check your terminal here.

This depends on your airline – often your baggage will be checked through to your final destination and you won’t need to touch it at Heathrow. However, this service isn’t available for all flights so check with your airline before you fly.

If you booked your flights separately to create your own flight connection, you’ll have to pick up your baggage at Heathrow and check in again for your next flight.

Tell a member of staff as soon as you land – they'll do whatever they can to help you get to your connecting flight in time, including telling you the quickest way to the gate.

If inbound flight delays mean you miss your onward flight, go to your airline desk when you arrive at Heathrow. Your airline representative will give you some options of what you can do next.