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Making Every Journey Better

About our strategy​

​As the UK’s only hub airport and the best-connected airport in the world, Heathrow connects the UK to global growth. Our strategy focuses on a collective responsibility to create a better Heathrow, now and for the future. 

The scale of our business is phenomenal, from welcoming over 78 million passengers a year, handling over 450,000 flights annually, serving 89 airlines serving 239 destinations, enabling carriage of 1.43 million tonnes of cargo a year, and employment opportunities for over 80,000 people.

Our purpose is the reason we exist​

It’s who we are and why we’re here. It is all-encompassing, reflects all journeys and is a dedication to be better every day.​ There really is no place like Heathrow; from enabling world-leading travel and trade connections to passengers going on their dream holiday, Heathrow makes every journey better.


Our vision is our north star​

If our purpose is why we exist, our vision is where we want to go. It’s aspirational and reflective of our core values and culture. Every day at Heathrow extraordinary things happen. What this means to our colleagues, customers, communities and shareholders is different for everyone, but all equally important. We want to ensure we are fit for the future by being resilient and efficient, by growing our capacity, by running a strong operation and providing excellent service.

Our foundations are the non-negotiables​

Underpinning everything we do at Heathrow are our Foundations. They make up the core of our business. In order to succeed, we must have excellent Safety, Security and Compliance, to Service and Operations and Governance and Financial Resilience.


Our beacons provide direction that will enable us to achieve our purpose and vision

Each of our beacons work together to ensure we have a clear direction and priorities to succeed in making every journey better and create an extraordinary airport fit for the future.  We believe Heathrow is a winning team, that is fast and focused on delivering value for all our customers to harness our digital future, champion people and planet and creates capacity.

Our values underpin everything we do

They ensure Heathrow is a place where everyone can thrive.