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Heathrow: Our Values

Our Values

Keeping Everyone Safe
Caring for ourselves and one another, so that we feel safe, secure and well and empowered to speak up, across all settings and activities. We notice and care and act with consideration for others, ourselves, Heathrow and the community.

Doing the right thing
Acting with integrity and thought for others, ourselves and Heathrow.  It means living the values in everything we do and underpins all our actions, decisions and interactions.

Working Together
Working together constructively to achieve a common goal.​ ​We are stronger and achieve more when we work together.  It feels good to be valued for your contribution, to appreciate others and to bring out the best in each other. 

Treating Everyone With Respect
In every Heathrow interaction, people are valued, respected, included and treated fairly. ​We feel confident to bring our true selves to work and able to speak up​.  An inclusive culture leads to diversity of ideas and better decisions.

Giving Excellent Service
Living our Service Signatures in every interaction. We notice and care, share what we know and make things better. ​By doing this we will achieve our vision of giving passengers the best airport service in the world.​

Improving Everyday
Being ambitious and always striving for the best, with the right tools and mindset to succeed. We feel proud of our ambition and feel fulfilled because we are always improving, learning and growing.