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    General Heathrow FAQs

    Answers to frequently asked questions about Heathrow Airport and our services.

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    Brexit - travelling post 29 March 2019

    For queries relating to travel post 29th March 2019, please select the links below which will direct you to the government website:

    Why isn't my flight showing on the live flight information board?

    It may be because it's too early or too late; or it may be that the flight operator hasn't supplied any information yet.

    The flight information pages on this site show all flights due to arrive or depart at Heathrow in the next 12 hours. Flights remain in the list for about two hours after their arrival or departure. The boards in the airport carry the same information, subject to available screen space.

    The information shown is based on what airlines tell us about the progress of their flights. Updates can only come from the airline.

    If we know in advance about delays or cancellations to arriving flights, we'll display that information. Otherwise, status updates for inbound flights aren't normally available until the aircraft is in the air.

    Where can I get information about my flight? It's more than a day from now

    Our flight timetable contains flights up to a year ahead, and shows information including day, time, terminal and aircraft type.

    Who owns and runs Heathrow Airport?

    Heathrow is owned by LHR Airports Limited.

    You can find more company information on our corporate website.

    Can I use one of your photographs?

    We have extensive libraries of airport and aviation photography. Image buyers and businesses can use our photographs for an appropriate fee – visit our commercial photo library for details. Media organisations can also make use of our editorial photo library – visit

    What is the 'airport tax' imposed on passengers?

    The UK Government imposes Air Passenger Duty (APD) – it's paid by passengers and collected from airlines. The rate varies by ticket and journey type. Heathrow is not involved in levying or collecting APD. To find out more, see the HM Revenue and Customs website.

    For information about airport charges, which are service fees paid to Heathrow by the airlines (and not a tax), see our conditions of use page.

    Taxes and charges are explained on the Civil Aviation Authority website.