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100 people in wheelchairs

100 people in wheelchairs

Watch 100 people in wheelchairs pull a Boeing jet into the record books



Here’s the moment 100 people in wheelchairs hauled a 130-tonne airliner for 100 metres – earning themselves a Guinness World Record and helping to raise more than £16,000 for charity.

The team members – who included security officers, volunteers and operational staff – pulled a British Airways Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner along the airfield at Heathrow entirely under their own power.

Event organiser Andy Knight said: “It was much harder than I thought it was going to be. To begin with we got the aircraft moving pretty easily. But about halfway in I was really starting to feel the burn.”

The long-haul jet weighs in at 126.7 tonnes, meaning the team smashed the previous record – a 67-tonne C-130 Hercules, pulled by a team in Belgium in 2011.

The Wheels4Wings event was organised by Heathrow and British Airways in partnership with Aerobility, a charity which helps people with disabilities take part in aviation. It offers a range of services, from ground-based activities all the way through to supporting flyers to achieve their Private Pilot’s Licence.

You can still support the event by donating to Aerobility until 8th December 2018, using the link below.