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Non-stop to Australia

Non-stop to Australia

Non-stop to Australia – step on at Heathrow, hop off in Perth

For the first time you can fly from Europe to Australia in a single hop. Qantas’ new non-stop Heathrow–Perth flight is officially the quickest way to get Down Under.
Comfort and speed

The flight uses ultra-efficient new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft to make the journey in a little over 16 hours.

It’s still not exactly a short hop, of course, so Qantas have designed the passenger cabin to provide extra space, bigger entertainment screens and more personal storage.

The airline has called it “hands-down the most comfortable aircraft that Qantas has ever put in the sky”.

Even the in-flight menu has been redesigned to aid natural sleep patterns and help the body cope better with changing time zones.

Why it’s now possible

The Dreamliner aircraft is designed to be lighter and more fuel efficient than older aircraft, giving it enough range to make the 14,498km trip from Heathrow to Perth.

What’s more, because there’s no refuelling stop, the flight path can be plotted around the best winds. Qantas’ technical experts analysed a decade of seasonal wind patterns while planning the route.

Flight QF10 is operated by four pilots, with one or two of them resting at any time. The flight seats 236 passengers, well below the aircraft’s official capacity of 280 – so there’s less weight and more space.

On the menu

The airline worked with top chefs and academics to create a menu designed to help the body cope better with jetlag, with mealtimes altered to aid sleep.

The menu aims to keep you hydrated – one of the factors affecting jetlag – and includes poke bowls as well as classic comfort foods. If you need snacks or refreshments you’ll find everything from peppermint tea to chocolate biscuits.

Beating jetlag

It’s not just the menu that helps reduce the effects of jetlag. Boeing’s next-generation aircraft has cabin pressure more like ground level, thanks to its high-tech fuselage.

The structure uses carbon-fibre and plastics with better fatigue resistance than metal. It also helps keep noise levels much lower than on earlier aircraft.

And the crew on a 787 can adjust cabin humidity – another way to reduce symptoms caused by dehydration.

Perth to Melbourne

Western Australia is a fantastic destination in its own right, with more surf, sunshine and scenery than you could tire of in one lifetime.

But if it’s the east coast you need, don’t despair. Flight QF10 continues on to Melbourne after a short stop in Perth, reaching the Victorian capital in 3hr 25min.

And if you do want to see Perth (here’s why you should), the good news is Qantas are offering a free stopover [conditions apply], allowing you to visit both sides of Australia in one trip.

Fly non-stop to Australia

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For more information about the route and to check fares, visit Qantas on the web.