Road congestion around Heathrow: 4 October

The road tunnel leading to Terminals 2 and 3 is partly closed while safety checks are carried out. The outbound tunnel is closed but the inbound tunnel is open for contraflow movement. There is currently traffic congestion across the Heathrow road network so please avoid travelling by road, and instead use the rail network. Passengers can also use the free rail transfer service from Terminals 4 and 5 to get to Terminals 2 and 3.


We apologise for the inconvenience caused.

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  • Colleague shopping guidelines

    Important information

    Going airside to visit our shops and restaurants

    For access to Heathrow’s International Departure Lounges (IDLs) you’ll need a green or blue airside ID with Zone 1 access.

    Colleagues are only permitted to travel through Security to visit our IDL shops and restaurants one hour before or after each working shift. Airside access is not permitted on days off or rest days.  

    Please ensure you also adhere to your individual company policies on accessing terminals, other than your main work area.

    To access the IDL area please use the main Security staff search for each terminal, and the designated staff exit routes from the IDL back to landside. Please avoid using the Immigration or Baggage Reclaim to exit airside areas.


    Access other terminals

    If you're based in a terminal and want to shop in another, please use landside routes such as staff buses or the Heathrow Express inter-terminal transfer service. Please don't use our passenger airside connection buses.

    Once you've finished shopping please use the same route back to your terminal of work to either access your staff buses to your designated colleague car park or commence your shift.

    Heathrow Refund Policy applies to all purchases made during the event, read more here