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Heathrow Rewards

Earn money as you spend with the Heathrow Rewards scheme.

How to collect Heathrow Rewards points

Collect Heathrow Rewards points on virtually every transaction you make at Heathrow. 

Whether you’re on your way or are enjoying time with us before you fly, present your Heathrow Rewards card and for every £10 you spend you’ll receive 10 Heathrow Rewards points*.

£10 = 10 Heathrow Rewards points*

*Premium Rewards members receive 20 Heathrow Rewards points for each £10 they spend.

Member benefits

Every person who joins the programme begins as a Heathrow Rewards member where you’ll earn 10 points for every £10 you spend.

Heathrow Rewards

Spend over £750 within a calendar year to unlock the highest tier of the programme. Among a host of benefits, whilst holding this status, you’ll earn 20 points for each £10 you spend at Heathrow, meaning you’ll enjoy rewards even faster.