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Help in the terminal

Facilities for people with impairments or any additional requirements

Whatever your disability or impairment, find out how to get the support and help you need to ensure you have the best experience possible at Heathrow.

If you have a non-visible disability, free sunflower lanyards are available at the Assistance areas. This gives you the freedom to travel independently through the airport whilst knowing that if you need any additional support, any of our colleagues will be able to assist you.

Accessible toilets can be found throughout the airport.

Changing Places are available for departing passengers. Changing Places have additional equipment and space to use the toilets safely and comfortably.

Changing Places locations

Changing Places can be found in the following locations with links to our maps:

Terminal 2

Terminal 3

Terminal 4

Terminal 5

*The Lichfield Suite offers additional facilities for travellers with more severe physical or learning disabilities, including a height-adjustable adult-sized changing bench, hoist and showers.

Induction loops are found throughout the airport (look for signs showing the 'sympathetic ear' symbol). Payphones and credit card telephones are available and are adapted for hearing aids. There are also text pay phones in the arrivals area, after Customs.


SignLive provides online video interpreting services across Heathrow. This innovative service allows deaf passengers to communicate with the Heathrow team, by using an app which connects them to a qualified British Sign Language interpreter within seconds. SignLive is accessible 24hours and is currently available at all our Assistance host areas and from our Passenger Ambassadors. If you require the use of this service, please let one of our Assistance agents know and they will be more than happy to help.


The Aira app provides visually impaired passengers with access to on-demand, personalised assistance.

The app, which is available free of charge, connects passengers directly to a trained professional agent to provide guided assistance on demand and for advice on navigating through Heathrow and help on finding specific locations – including gates, special assistance facilities, retail outlets and restaurants.

Please note; Aira have been instructed to advise passengers that they will not be able to use their mobile phones as they proceed through security and immigration. The Aira agent will direct the customer to an assistance agent or passenger ambassador to get escorted or directed through the security and immigration process.

Assistance dogs are welcome at Heathrow and we have created a whole section to help you prepare for your visit to Heathrow and beyond.

There are reserved seating areas in every terminal within the general seating areas, marked by signs. They generally have:

  • Low-level flight information screens
  • An induction loop
  • Arms on both sides of seats
  • Space for wheelchair users.

Journey times to gates will vary depending on the terminal and your destination. To help cover these distances we provide moving walkways, lifts and a transfer shuttle in Terminal 5.

Departure gates are subject to change and prior notice will be given on the flight information screens in the terminal. You can also check departure gates with your airline at check-in.
Use our interactive map to preview all walking distances, or see below for approximate timings.

Terminal 2

All departure gates in the main terminal ('A' gates) are approximately 200m (about five minutes) from security. Gates in satellite terminal T2B ('B' gates) are 800m (about 20 minutes) from security. UK and Ireland flights depart from 'A' gates.

Terminal 3

The majority of departure gates are 800m (about 20 minutes) from security.

Terminal 4

Most departure gates are approximately 200m (about five minutes) from security. Some are 400m (about 10 minutes) from security.

Terminal 5

All gates in the main terminal ('A' gates) are approximately 400m (about ten minutes) from security. Gates in satellites T5B and T5C ('B' and 'C' gates) are 600m (about 15 minutes) from security (via transit system). Domestic and EU flights usually depart from 'A' gates, other international departures from 'B' and 'C' gates.

Heathrow maps

You can plan your route and view the distances between all locations using our interactive maps.

Staxi wheelchairs

If you require a wheelchair for your journey but don't need an agent to push you, you are welcome to use any of our purple Staxi chairs. Just pick up one up free of charge from one of our Assistance areas.

Aisle chairs

Narrow enough for to fit the aisle of the aircraft, smaller aisle chairs are used for passengers who need assistance getting onto the aircraft and into the aircraft seat.


Buggies may be used instead of staxi chairs at certain parts of your journey within the terminal. Family members can also travel if there is space, otherwise our team will let them know where to meet you.

Help Bus

Accessible transport between terminals is available to help passengers with reduced mobility. If you have passed through Immigration and Arrivals, an Assistance bus is available from the terminal forecourts.


So that we can assist as many passengers as possible, we sometimes use an i-caddy: a set of interlinkable wheelchairs in a row, pushed by an agent and an electric driver system.

Accessible lifts

Wheelchairs and heavy bags are not permitted on the escalators - please use our accessible lifts which are available throughout the airport.