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The airport is responsible for looking after persons with visible and non-visible disabilities, so we have carefully designed this arrivals assistance guide to ensure you have a smooth experience at Heathrow. We explain what facilities and support is available at each stage of your journey, from the moment you land to leaving the airport.

You may be an experienced traveller and only need assistance at certain points but rest assured help is always at hand whenever you need it. 

The departing airport is responsible for providing you with the care and support you need before you get on board the aircraft and we will take care of you when you land at Heathrow. You can help us to help you by providing all the important details to your airline, tour operator or travel agent such as:

  • Tell them as soon as possible or at least 48 hours before your travel. Often you can provide these details when you book your ticket. Let your airline know about your return details so we can plan support for you when you come back to Heathrow.
  • Provide details about your impairment or mobility difficulties. Tell them if you intend to take your own mobility device, such as a wheelchair or you are travelling with an assistance animal.
  • The airline will pass this to our Assistance team and will take care of you at the airport.

You will be helped from your seat by the airline and met by a member of the Assistance team when you disembark from the aircraft. You will then be escorted to passport control. They may take you on a buggy or escort you in one of our wheelchairs.

Help points can be found throughout the airport. Don’t worry if you have trouble finding a help point, just ring us directly on the following numbers:

  • Terminal 2: +44 (0)20 8757 2700
  • Terminal 3: +44 (0)20 8757 2700
  • Terminal 4: +44 (0)20 8757 2700
  • Terminal 5: +44 (0)20 8283 6415

On the help points, simply use the push button or telephone to talk to our Assistance team to let them know where you are and what support you need. They will guide you through the next stage or if you are happy to wait, a friendly colleague will come and meet you.

Accessible toilets can be found throughout the airport.

If you are being escorted, you will use a dedicated lane to enter the United Kingdom or if you are travelling independently, use either the automatic gates (if eligible) or the passport counters – they are all accessible.

If you are with a member of the Assistance team, they will locate the and help collect your bags from the conveyor belt. They will also help you if you have a wheelchair or other equipment to collect.

You will then go through customs using either the green or red channel:

  • Green channel: nothing to declare.
  • Red channel: Items to declare.

If you require additional support on exiting the Customs Hall, there are dedicated Assistance areas located in the arrivals hall.

Map locations

Terminal 2

Terminal 3

Terminal 4

Terminal 5

Once you are through customs, you may wish to leave the airport independently or you can ask our Assistance colleague to escort you to the short stay car park or the bus for the long stay car park. They can also escort you to the bus, train, or Underground stations.

You are always welcome to use your own mobility equipment. Your airline will advise you whether your device can be used in the aircraft cabin or must be stored in the hold.

They will need to know the make and model, dimensions, and weight of your wheelchair, as well as the type of batteries (dry or wet cell). Your airline can also advise on how to prepare the device for loading on to the aircraft.

Accessible lifts

Wheelchairs and heavy bags are not permitted on the escalators - please use our accessible lifts which are available throughout the airport.