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    Hidden and cognitive disabilities

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    At Heathrow we understand all passengers are unique and we offer different levels of support tailored to your needs. For a hidden disability such as autism, dementia or anxiety, help is always at hand at the airport. If you would like to book assistance just let your airline know 48 hours in advance and our specially-trained staff will take care of you.

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    Airport Assistance guides

    In conjunction with our charity partners, we have produced a series of guides showing you what to expect at all of the different stages of the journey. They include quiet areas to relax, as well as where you can find help in the airport if you require assistance on the day.

    Guides are available for each terminal for both arrivals and departures If you require these guides in a different format, please contact us at:

    We also have an Autism specific leaflet (1MB PDF) and a Dementia specific leaflet (705KB PDF). These leaflets are also available to pick up at all Special Assistance host areas. We understand that the experience of travelling can be stressful and we’re committed to helping passengers with autism have a better journey.

    Hidden Disability Sunflower Lanyards

    Girl weraing sunflower lanyard with Heathrow member of staff By wearing one of our Sunflower Lanyards, it will discreetly indicate to our staff that you have a hidden disability and you would like additional support. Our staff have been trained to recognise these lanyards, and to provide you with any help you may need at various stages at the airport.

    If you require one of our sunflower lanyards we would invite you to pick one up directly from our Assistance host areas located on the departure level (before security) in each terminal.

    Please note: If you are flying through any other airport, please contact their customer service team directly who will be able to provide you with information on their current services and a lanyard, if available.

    Further help - Heathrow staff

    If you need help during your journey, just look for a staff member wearing the helping hand symbol the Dementia Friends flower or the blue assist symbol - these symbols mean they have signed up to our hidden disabilities scheme and can provide you with a helping hand. You can find these symbols at every Special Assistance host area.


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    Please note that whilst we are passionate about transforming customer service at Heathrow, we are on a journey with our hidden disabilities programme to develop it to suit our passengers. We already have over 1,000 colleagues trained to assist you and are working to expand this across our airport.

    Our partners

    We are proud to work with our partners, these include: The National Autistic Society, Autism West Midlands, Autism Alliance and Alzheimer's Society.


    Our patrners include: The National Autistic Society, Autism West Midlands, Autism Alliance and Alzheimer's Society.

    Airport parking

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