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    Hidden disabilities

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    At Heathrow we understand all passengers are unique and we offer different levels of support tailored to your needs. For a hidden disability such as autism, dementia or anxiety, help is always at hand at the airport. If you would like to book assistance just let your airline know 48 hours in advance and our specially-trained staff will take care of you.

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    Sunflower lanyards

    Child wearing sunflower lanyardWearing a sunflower lanyard at Heathrow enables our colleagues to recognise that you have a hidden disability without you needing to declare it. This allows you to travel independently through the airport whilst knowing that if you need any additional support during your journey, any of our colleagues will be able to support. If you do find you are feeling any discomfort during your journey or would prefer extra assistance, head to one of our Assistance desks where one of our colleagues will be happy to help.

    How to receive a sunflower lanyard

    If you are travelling through Heathrow within the next six months, we would be happy to post you a lanyard wherever you are in the world.

    To allow time to process your request and post your lanyard/s, please allow 4 working days if you are based in the UK and 7 working days if you are based outside the UK.

    Email us at and be sure to include all the following information:

    • Full name (including surnames)
    • Departing / Connecting or Arriving terminal
    • Flight number(s)
    • Postal address where your lanyard will be delivered
    • Number of lanyards are required

    Please ensure that all the above information is provided as missing information will result in a delay to you receiving your lanyard/s.

    How to collect a sunflower lanyard

    Lanyards can also be collected at the airport from the following locations:

    Departing customers

    Assistance desk:

    Connecting customers

    Assistance desk:

    Arriving customers

    A lanyard may be collected in each terminal UK Border Force (Immigration) before the queue maze. Please ask any member of staff in the area who will be able to assist.


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    Is the sunflower lanyard free of charge?

    Heathrow Airport is happy to provide you free of charge a sunflower lanyard by post before you arrive at the airport. We can post you a lanyard anywhere you are both in the UK or abroad – please be mindful that we require a minimum of four or seven working day for the lanyard to reach your home depending if you are in the UK or abroad.

    I’m not travelling through Heathrow, can I still request a sunflower lanyard?

    We are happy to provide you a lanyard if you travel through Heathrow. We are aware that other airports/facilities in and outside the UK are part of the scheme. If your journey does not include Heathrow for your departure, arrival or connections journey, you would need to get in touch with the customer service team of the relevant airport where you will be travelling through.

    Will I be able to access Security and Immigration Fast Track with a sunflower lanyard?

    The sunflower lanyard does not give you access to Security or Immigration Fast Track. We are aware that our fast track facilities can often be a fast pacing environment and we have received passengers’ feedback saying that this has brought more discomfort to their experience than using our standard security lanes. When entering the security area, you will be pointed to the shortest available lane based on live operations and where possible you might be shown to the front of the queue – we cannot guarantee this and a decision will be made based on operational requirements.

    I am travelling in a group – should we all wear a lanyard?

    If you are travelling as group (2 or more), only the person(s) requiring the lanyard should be wearing it.

    What if I need extra support?

    If at any given time during your journey you feel that you require extra support, you can approach one of our friendly passenger ambassadors or go to an assistance host area (located both before and after security in each terminal). There an agent will be happy to support you through the rest of your journey.

    Can I reuse my sunflower lanyard?

    Don’t throw your lanyard away as it can be reused as many time as you wish at Heathrow and in any other participating airports or facilities.

    If you have any further questions about the lanyard please do not hesitate to get in touch with us by email at

    Please note:Heathrow is not the only airport offering the sunflower lanyard scheme, so if you're flying from other UK airports please contact their customer service team directly or via their websites. They will be able to provide you with information on their current services and a lanyard, if available.