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    Dining inspiration

    Caviar House and Seafood Prunier - Tuna Tartare

    At Heathrow we have a wide and exciting range of food to whet your appetite. Whether it's a three course meal or something on the go with our Take on Board menu, we have got something for everyone including restaurants inspired by Michelin chefs such as Gordon Ramsay and Heston Blumenthal.

    Spring at Heathrow

    Touchdown with bags of energy by fuelling up on wholesome, nutritious fare before you fly. From superfood juices to high-protein salads or seafood plates our restaurants offer a wealth of healthy options to ensure you arrive at your destination felling your best. 

    Download the online version of Taste magazine to see what’s available on your journey.

    Taste Magazine - Terminal 2 (2MB PDF)

    Taste Magazine - Terminal 3 (2MB PDF)

    Taste Magazine - Terminal 4 (2MB PDF)

    Taste Magazine - Terminal 5 (2MB PDF)

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