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  • VAT refund scheme ceased

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    Purchases made before 31st Dec 2020

    All purchases made on or before the 31st Dec can still be refunded in the usual way. Customers have 3 months to claim for a refund from the date the goods were purchased. Current Terms & Conditions apply.

    Purchases made after 31st Dec 2020
    Any purchases made after the 31st Dec will not be eligible for a refund via the current VAT Refund Scheme.

    Follow these simple steps to reserve your refund:

    • Keep forms and receipts

      When purchasing goods in the UK, request a tax refund form from the retailer – keep these along with your receipts.

    • Claim before check-in

      On arrival at Heathrow, make sure you claim your VAT refund before you check-in. You may be asked to present your goods, so make sure they're easily accessible.

    Visitors from non-European Union countries can reclaim the sales tax (VAT) on purchases from many British retailers* on purcahses made befofe 1 Jan 2021.

    To claim, first purchase goods from any store displaying the Tax Free Shopping sign. You’ll be given a tax refund form by the retailer – keep it along with your receipt

    When you get to the airport, before you check-in, take your receipt and form to the Travelex VAT Refund Desk. Please ensure that you keep your goods with you when you make your claim, you may be asked to show them. High value items including watches, cameras and smartphones must be presented airside at the VAT Refund Desk.

    If your claim meets all the relevant criteria, you can take your refund in cash** - in pounds sterling or in your home currency*** . The refund is yours to spend as you wish. Even if we subsequently discover an error, we won’t ask for your money back.

    Please note that the VAT Refund Desk can get busy, and we ask that you allow at least 45 minutes to complete your refund. If you are travelling at peak times, part of a group or if you are behind a tour group, the process can take longer. We ask that you ensure that you have completed your refund and checked in at least one hour before your flight.

    *Conditions apply. For full details visit the HM Revenue & Customs website.
    ** Cash refunds not applicable to all tax refund forms or in all cases.
    *** Applies to most currencies. Travelex keeps most popular currencies in stock

    Tax Free purchases

    Find out more information on how to benefit from Tax Free purchases in the UK from the 1st January 2021.