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    Heathrow colleagues can enjoy significant reductions on the cost of public transport, which makes travelling by rail, bus or coach a cost-effective and convenient commuting option. Avoid congestion, make the most of your travel time and save money by switching up your commute. Feel good about making a personal contribution to Heathrow's environmental targets by taking your car off the road.

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    Up to 75% off TfL rail, Heathrow Express and some GWR services



    Free inter-terminal rail transfers



    Substantial discounts on bus and coach routes with the Heathrow Travelcard

    Why is this the Way2Go?

    • Substantial discounts

      On many of our routes you can save up to 75% as a Heathrow employee, so adjust your commuting habits to benefit from the discounts on offer and save transport costs.

    • Get ahead

      Get ahead of the day and start work during your commute. Commuting via public transport offers a level of freedom and convenience which can't be achieved behind the wheel of a car.

    • Be mindful

      Dedicate your commute to relaxing ahead of a busy day or unwinding on your way home. Take time for yourself and leave the driving to someone else.

    Rob Gissing
    "I love my train journey to work each day. I get time to myself to sit back, relax, listen to podcasts and music, read books and catch up on emails. Taking advantage of the Heathrow discounts also makes my commute much cheaper than driving."

    Rob Gissing , Innovation Technologist

    Get involved

    Many public buses and a number of dedicated employee buses are operated around the Heathrow campus, giving you free travel between employment sites and public transport interchanges. Typically, these services are short and speedy, taking around 10 minutes or less to get between sites.

    You can access the following locations for free:

    • The main employment sites and stops in between (Central Terminal Area, Terminal 5, Terminal 4, Cargo, World Business Centre, Compass Centre, Maintenance/Hatton Cross)
    • London Underground Piccadilly Lines stations (from Terminals 2 and 3, Terminal 4, Terminal 5 and Hatton Cross)
    • TfL Rail services (from Terminals 2 & 3 and Terminal 4)
    • Heathrow Express departures (from Terminals 2 & 3, and Terminal 5)
    • The Central Bus Station for local bus and coach services

    Click here to view our handy Free Travel Zone map

    Free travel zone

    Free travel zone

    Many public buses operate around Heathrow campus - 117 every hour to be precise! Find your free route to get to work on.

    Download PDF

    The Heathrow Travelcard is your passport to great commuter discounts. Exclusive to Heathrow ID holders, you can enjoy discounts on rail, bus and coach travel.

    You can save up to 75% on Heathrow Express, and benefit from substantial discount on bus and coach services with monthly or annual Travelcards.

    Take a look at the discounts on offer and register for a Heathrow Travelcard here.

    Signing up for a Travelcard is easy:

    Step 1 - Register online and create your account (you'll need to provide some details so we can verify you work at the airport)
    Step 2 - Our commuter team will approve your documents
    Step 3 - Log in to the Travelcard site and purchase the discounted Travelcard that suits you
    Step 4 - It will be posted to you and should arrive within the week.

    Heathrow's Travelcard terms and conditions are here.

    Download the map to find the Travelcard route for you.

    Travelcard routes

    The Heathrow Travelcard is your passport to great commuter discounts. Use the map to find the Travelcard route for you.

    Apply for a Travelcard here
    Download Travelcard Network

    Travelcard routes

    There are regular and fast trains from central London which serve Heathrow daily from Paddington Station, located centrally and easily accessible via the District, Circle, Bakerloo and Hammersmith & City Underground lines.

    Heathrow Express

    The Heathrow Express (HEX) is the fastest way to travel between Paddington (Zone 1) and Heathrow Terminals. 15 minutes to Terminals 2 and 3, and to Terminal 5 in just 6 minutes more, the HEX is fast and reliable. Tickets can be purchased at discounted rates at the Heathrow Express website, and don't forget - save 75% on Heathrow Express tickets and 'Heathrow' ID holders travel for free after 6pm!

    If you're travelling to Terminal 4, there is a free transfer from Terminals 2 and 3.

    Click here to view the Heathrow Express timetable
    Book one off tickets (Make sure you select HAL employee discount in the railcard dropdown)
    For monthly and annual tickets on the Heathrow Express, register for a HEX travelcard here.

    For more information visit or call 0345 600 1515.

    TfL Rail

    Alternatively, Transport for London offers a stopping service between Paddington Station and Heathrow Terminals 2,3 and 4. The service runs twice an hour calling at local West London stations along the way. Taking approximately 30 minutes, the TfL rail service gets you to Heathrow in good time! Need to get to Terminal 5? Heathrow offers a free Inter-Terminal transfer train.

    You can purchase tickets at a ticket machine, or use contactless, Oyster cards or Zone 6 travelcards. To make the most of your Heathrow discounts, we recommend purchasing weekly, monthly or annual tickets from TfL ticket offices for 75% off travel!

    London Underground links to Heathrow

    The Piccadilly line provides a vital link between central London and Heathrow. A frequent service means you won't be waiting long, and the journey from central London to the airport takes less than an hour. Heathrow has three London Underground stations with access to the Piccadilly line – one between Terminals 2 and 3, and one each at Terminal 4 and Terminal 5.

    For information on TfL Rail and London Underground travel times and fares, check the TfL website or call TfL customer service on 0343 222 1234.

    GWR from Reading to Heathrow

    You can access Heathrow via rail services from Reading and the west with a change at West Drayton or Hayes and Harlington.

    75% discounts are available on GWR services between Reading and Heathrow purchase your ticket at a GWR ticket office..

    For more information on routes and timetables, check the GWR website or call GWR customer service on 0345 7000 125.

    Heathrow is very well served by local buses, many of which are part of the Free Travel Zone, giving you the option to travel easily and sustainably to and from work.

    Fare capping is in place on TfL buses preventing you paying more than the price of day or week tickets (payment is by Oyster Card or contactless payment card).

    Discounted travel on non-TfL services is available by using the range of Heathrow Travelcards.

    If you are travelling early or late to make your shift, many services operate very early in the morning and some services are 24hr. See the early morning services here.

    Local buses connect you to National Rail Services at Feltham, Hayes & Harlington and West Drayton.

    For all these services, please download a PDF of the latest copy of the Heathrow Local Bus & Coach Guide here.

    Bus and Coach guide

    Bus and coach guide

    Heathrow is very well served by local buses, many of which are part of the Free Travel Zone, giving you the option to travel easily and sustainably to and from work.

    Download the bus and coach map

    Commuting to and from Heathrow from outside of Greater London? Bus and coach services link to National Rail services frequently and reliably. Heathrow is served by four RailAir links from the train stations at Guildford, Reading, Woking and Oxford. The Heathrow Travelcard offers up to a third off each of these routes for colleagues. The Guildford and Woking RailAirs are both available on the £50 monthly travelcard, equating to £2.50 a day, return, based on a 5 day week.

    Details can also be found on the Heathrow rail-air bus links page

    All services are listed and viewable on the Heathrow Local Bus & Coach Guide.

    Did you know?

    Did you know that Heathrow is a major transport hub – it is served by 177 buses, 25 coaches and 18 rail services every hour!

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