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  • Performance


    We regularly report on key areas of our performance.

    Key performance areas:

    We are a customer-orientated business, and are dedicated to meeting our passengers' needs. Here you will find out how we continuously strive to improve customer service at Heathrow.

    We report our financial figures quarterly. Here you will find information on the company's financial calendar, as well as debt financing and credit ratings information.

    We report monthly on our air traffic statistics from the amount of passengers we serve, to the amount of air transport movements.

    Heathrow has a rich heritage of offering rewarding careers in one of the world’s most exciting and dynamic sectors. Find out here how we’re continuing to improve the opportunities so that all of our colleagues can fulfil their full potential at the airport.

    We report annually on our sustainability performance. Each year, independent consultants externally verify our data, including performance against targets.