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  • Application process

    Find answers to frequently asked questions about applying for vacancies at Heathrow Airport.

    Job applications

    Jobs at Heathrow

    All of our applications start through our online careers website. To search for jobs, click on the link below.

    We want to raise awareness of phishing to protect the people who might fall victim to recruitment fraud and dissuade potential scammers from attempting to pursue this criminal activity.

    Recruitment fraud is usually perpetrated by advertising and offering fictitious job opportunities via legitimate online services, bogus websites and unsolicited emails. The offers claim to originate from a company, such as Heathrow Airport. These activities aim to obtain sensitive information and financial benefit from the people who have been scammed. For more information, please see our dedicated page on phishing.


    Frequently asked questions

    When you first apply for a position at Heathrow, you will be asked to provide your email address. Use the same email address to view the progress of your application or apply for future roles. When you enter your email address after the first time you will be sent a one time verification code which you can use to verify your identity.

    Our Job Alert service allows you to register to receive our newest vacancies via email, tailored to your specific skills.

    If you have been unsuccessful in an application to a role you are not able to reapply for the same role within six months. However you can apply for other roles.

    After the closing date, applications are assessed to see how applicants' skills, qualifications and experience relate to the vacancy.

    Those who are best matched to the job criteria will be invited to progress to the next stage of the selection process.

    All candidates will be contacted by telephone or via email to inform them of their application status.

    Non-security selection events

    If you are attending a non-security selection event, an interview pack will be sent to you containing forms and guidelines on all documentation required in order to prove your right to work in the UK.

    You must complete this and place all documents in the envelope provided and hand it to your interviewer.

    Security selection event

    If you are attending a security selection event, an assessment pack will also be sent to you.

    This will contain information on what you should expect to happen at your selection event, what documentation you should bring with you and the security questionnaires and guidelines which should be completed prior to attending.

    If you do not receive your pack you should still attend your selection event, but should arrive 15 minutes early to allow enough time to complete the questionnaires.

    You should also bring your valid passport, proof of your national insurance number and a utility bill showing your current address.

    Yes, but you must be in possession of a valid work permit or Right to Work documentation. It is your responsibility to provide evidence of the work permit in line with current Home Office guidelines.

    All successful applicants are required to provide a five year employer reference history (one of which should be from your most recent employer).

    To comply with Department for Transport regulations, some positions will also require you to complete a criminal record and counter terrorism check. The resourcing team will advise you if this is required.

    The purpose of a Criminal Record Check is to enhance public safety by providing Heathrow with any criminal history information on individuals applying for posts.

    Disclosure Scotland issues a Disclosure Certificate, which provides details of an individual's criminal convictions. There is no charge for this service.

    A Counter Terrorist Check (CTC) is a clearance level required for individuals employed in certain roles and establishments. It involves checks into areas such as employment records, criminal records, Security Service records and may also involve a Security interview.

    Receipt of a Criminal Record Check Certificate typically takes six to eight weeks. Receipt of a Counter Terrorism Check clearance typically takes between four and six months.

    If you are employed within a security-related position and have been out of the UK for a period of six months or more, no CRC check will be carried out but you will require CTC clearance before commencing employment.

    If you have not been out of the UK for six months or more, you are still required to have a CRC and CTC check carried out, but may commence employment with a valid CRC.

    Yes, you can still apply if you have a criminal record, but any offer of employment will depend upon a list of qualifying criteria.

    We will still require you to complete a CRC Form (this covers the last five years) and this will be processed as normal.

    If this does not identify any disqualifying records your application will continue through the process as normal.

    Yes, we offer engineering apprenticeships and we recruit annually to fill the positions.

    To ensure that you are made aware when these roles are advertised, you can register your details to receive a job alert by email.



    Application process

    Learn more about our application processes and what to expect.