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Find answers on key Way2Go topics and more

As we invite you to consider your alternative ways of commuting to work, we want to equip you with everything you need to know in order to make the right choice for you. 

If you’re struggling to find the information you need in the different pages, then take a look at our Commuting FAQ below to find out more on Way2Go, the different commuting methods, and more.

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General information

With the launch of our refreshed Heathrow 2.0 sustainability strategy, being greener is a key topic when it comes to getting to Heathrow. We’re aiming to give colleagues all the information needed to make more sustainable choice with how they get to work.

You can see what benefits can be found when choosing specific sustainable commutes, but the main reason for choosing a greener commute is cutting down on our emissions and doing our part to make Heathrow a great place to live and work.

The Commuting to Heathrow section is regularly updated with the most recent Colleague Guide at the top of the page. This contains a wealth of information on sustainable travel routes and goings on at Heathrow.

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You can get in touch with us using for any specific questions or advice which isn’t covered here.

Alternatively, dial in to the Virtual Roadshow on the first Wednesday of every month, between 13:00 and 15:00, where you can ask our panel of experts for advice about commuting more sustainably.

Active travel

The Cycle Hub – conveniently located in the Heathrow Academy on Newall Road – can provide you with advice on routes and recommendations on bikes or equipment to make your sustainable commute as smooth as possible.

Heathrow ID holders also get 10% off all purchases made at the Cycle Hub and free bike servicing up to £50 (excluding parts).

You can use our comprehensive Heathrow cycle map to see all of the cycling routes around Heathrow. They are colour-coded to show the type of path you would need to cycle along, meaning you can pick one that best suits you.

Colleagues with Heathrow ID can choose from the following free options, though please note tha the tunnel is closed to cyclists.

  • Park at PEX (Eastern Perimeter Road) or N4 (Northern Perimeter Road) and use the free colleague buses to T2 and T3 (bus times available on the Airport Community App).
  • Park at the Cycle Hub and use the Hotel Hoppa buses from the Renaissance Hotel to T2 and T3 (Heathrow ID holders can travel free in both directions).
  • Park at T4, T5 or Hatton Cross Station. and use the free train, Tube or H30 bus.

Public transport

All trains between terminals are free.

Heathrow Express/Elizabeth line: Please obtain an Inter-Terminal Transfer ticket from the machines at the station.  Alternatively, you can use an Oyster card (with sufficient credit) or a contactless card/mobile device. You will not be charged for your journey between Heathrow terminals.

Piccadilly line: You will need an Oyster card (with sufficient credit) or contactless card/mobile device. You will not be charged for your journey between all Heathrow terminals and Hatton Cross.

H30 bus: The free H30 bus runs between Heathrow terminals and Hatton Cross Station.

Folded bikes are carried free of charge without restrictions on all train and Tube services to Heathrow, plus Great Western Railway and South Western Railway services which operate nearby.

Standard bikes can only be taken on specific train and Tube services:

  • Heathrow Express: Leaving Heathrow on Mondays to Fridays before 06:30 and after 10:00, leaving Paddington on Mondays to Fridays before 16:30 and after 19:00, any time on weekends and public holidays.
  • Elizabeth line: Arriving at London Paddington on Mondays to Fridays before 07:45 and after 09:45, leaving London Paddington on Mondays to Fridays before 16:30 and after 19:00, any time on weekends and public holidays.
  • Piccadilly line: Between Barons Court, Hounslow West and Uxbridge on Mondays to Fridays before 07:30, between 09:30 and 16:00, and after 19:00, any time on weekends and public holidays.

You can find timetables on the specific service websites running to and from Heathrow – we have collected them all on our Public Transport page under the individual tabs for easy access.

All buses and coaches are fully wheelchair accessible. We recommend pre-booking on coach services if you are a wheelchair user - please check the website of the relevant service you would like to use.

For train services to Heathrow, the different service providers have their own specific guidance on accessibility which can be found on the Heathrow Express and Transport for London websites.


Car sharing

It is very important that you validate your journey on the Liftshare App on the way to work. This will then enable you to park in the priority car share spaces, if your car park has them. Please see the car share page for more details

Our car sharing platform Liftshare has a savings calculator which you can use to find out how much you could save – both in terms of petrol costs and CO2 emissions.

Need more information?

Please email us at and we’ll do our best to provide you with the information you need.