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  • Commitment

    We have a strong commitment to the communities around our airport and aim to address issues of prime local concern.

    We also aim to create opportunities for local residents to enjoy their local airport – even those who don't use it regularly – to make the most of the economic benefits such as training programmes and the creation of jobs for local people.

    Heathrow is a catalyst for economic growth, making a huge contribution to the local and national economy. However, as owner and operator of the airport, we are also aware of the adverse effects that operations can have on some of our closest neighbours. We are committed to doing our utmost to minimise this impact while offering valuable support to the local community.

    Our community relations programme includes a wide range of initiatives that encompass all three elements of sustainability: environment, social and economic. We also provide support in the form of the Heathrow Community Trust, staff volunteering and other resources, such as the sharing of professional skills and expertise, or the use of equipment and premises.

    Our commnunity

    You can find out more about what we’ve been doing to support our communities

    Engaging and communicating

    We engage regularly with residents through our borough newspaper, resident meetings and the various different groups we have helped set up to provide local people with the opportunity to find out more about airport operations and our expansion plans.

    These groups include:

    Heathrow's Noise and Airspace Community Forum (NACF) was established in 2022 and continues the work of the Heathrow Community Noise Forum (HCNF), which was set up in 2015 in response to local concerns regarding future changes to airspace as a result of the Government's airspace modernisation strategy. It is made up of representatives from local authorities around Heathrow, NATS, BA, DfT, CAA and Heathrow. Find out more here.

    Covid-19 has been the worst crisis to ever hit the aviation sector and in these challenging times we cannot continue to do all the things we did before. Heathrow has undergone enormous change in the past 12 months, where we’ve had to make many difficult decisions and undergone a level of transformation that we did not think possible. Throughout this time we continue to recognise the important role that the HCEB has played since its creation in 2018. The independent scrutiny and challenge that they offer remains important to Heathrow and so we have worked hard with HCEB over the last nine months to find a way to retain that, whilst adjusting its size and scale to reflect our circumstances. Continuing meaningful engagement with our local communities remains important, and we have worked with HCEB to ensure that they continue to be part of our local engagement and will play an important role in Airport Consultative Committee (ACC) activity.

    We have a commitment to the local community which will never change: to be a good neighbour. And we have a responsibility as a significant local employer. So, despite losing £5m a day throughout this crisis and having to cut costs significantly in several areas, we have protected operational jobs – a huge majority of which are held by colleagues that live in the local community. We have ensured that there is a job for any of our frontline colleagues who would like to stay with the business. We also initiated our Covid-19 community response and supported those organisations and groups in the community who needed resources from us. Our community investment programme will continue and will help deliver value to where there is most need.

    The continuation of HCEB and the desire to restructure and strengthen Heathrow’s own engagement fora (as well as our local recovery plan) show Heathrow’s ongoing commitment to the local community during a time of crisis.