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Heathrow Community Forums

Community Forums

Heathrow is committed to engaging with its neighbours. We want to work collaboratively with local communities and other local stakeholders to build positive and meaningful relationships, in order to deliver positive outcomes for our neighbouring areas.

One of the ways we can do that is through our Community Forums. By listening and talking to local representatives, we can gain a better understanding of the things that are important to our local communities and what role Heathrow can play, to ensure Heathrow is both a great place to live and work. ​

Our community forum structure is set out below:​


To find out more about each forum and how you can get involved please click on the headings below:​

The work of the Local Community Forum is to facilitate a positive dialogue between Heathrow Airport and its neighbouring communities to help build relations and trust, to enable Heathrow to be a better neighbour.

Independent Chair: Dr Roger Green

Local Community Forum

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The role of Heathrow’s Noise and Airspace Community Forum is to engage with local authorities and community representatives on issues related to noise, airspace and runway operations at Heathrow, including updates on day-to-day operations and future changes.

Independent Chair: Andreas Lambrianou

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The Council for the Independent Scrutiny of Heathrow Airport ensures the independent oversight of the way Heathrow engages with stakeholders.​

​Fully integrated with Heathrow’s wider community forum structure, CISHA provides a transparent mediation process for constructive and effective  management with the airport as set out in Section 35 of the Civil Aviation Act.​

​Full details about CISHA can be found at

​​Independent Chair: Baroness Liz Sugg​

“The airport and its surrounding communities, users and other stakeholders will not always agree, but it is my responsibility to ensure voices are heard, effective discussions are held, and that we deliver open and honest engagement and feedback to Heathrow, the CAA and the Government.”