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  • Date
    11-Jan-22 December 2021 traffic release
    11-Feb-22 January 2022 traffic release
    23-Feb-22 2021 full year results announcement
    11-Mar-22 February 2022 traffic release
    11-Apr-22 March 2022 traffic release
    26-Apr-22 Q1 2022 results announcement
    11-May-22 April 2022 traffic release
    13-Jun-22 May 2022 traffic release
    30-Jun-22 June Investor report
    11-Jul-22 June 2022 traffic release
    26-Jul-22 H1 2022 results announcement
    11-Aug-22 July 2022 traffic release
    12-Sep-22 August 2022 traffic release
    11-Oct-22 September 2022 traffic release
    26-Oct-22 Q3 2022 results announcement
    11-Nov-22 October 2022 traffic release
    12-Dec-22 November 2022 traffic release
    16-Dec-22 December Investor report

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