Heathrow rail disruption: 1-9 October

Due to planned industrial action, public transport to and from Heathrow will be disrupted from 1 October - 9 October. Please plan your journey in advance and ensure you leave enough time to get to the airport as roads may be busier than normal.

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  • Safety Alert Number Dated
    ASGrOps_SA_041 26 August 2022 Working at Height
    ASDRVE_SA_040 30 Sep 2022 Docking/ parking guidance system of aircraft stands
    ASGrOps_SA_039 18 Aug 2022 Entering Danger Areas on Equipment
    ASDRVE_SA_038 12 Aug 2022 Aircraft Cabin Doors
    ASDRVE_SA_037 28 Jul 2022 Working at Height
    ASGrOps_SA_026 11 Jul 2022 Unescorted passengers on the ramp – ID holders responsibilities
    ASGrOps_SA_036 11 April 2022 Ramp Safety Hazards
    ASGrOps_SA_035 11 April 2022 Use of Mobile Passenger Steps
    ASGrOps_SA_034 21 Jul 2021 Ground Handling Behaviours - Correct Use And Operation Of Stillage
    ASGrOps_SA_033 16 Jul 2021 Behavioural Standards Whilst Conducting Training
    ASGrOps_SA_032 10 May 2021 Airside Behaviours - Securing Airbridge Doors
    ASGrOps_SA_031 12 Apr 2021 Unintentional Consequences
    ASGrOps_SA_030 05 Mar 2021 Ground Handling Behaviours - The Use of a Banksman
    ASGrOPS_SA_029 02 Feb 2021 Aircraft Crew and Handler Behaviours - Aircraft Parking
    ASGrOPS_SA_028 12 Jan 2021 Handler Behaviours – Tow Bar Feet
    ASGrOPS_SA_027 09 Nov 2020 Vehicles and Equipment – Parking Brakes Not Set  
    ASGrOps_SA_025 20 May 2020 Maintaining safe operations during periods of reduced activity airside
    ASGrOps_SA_024 01 Apr 2020 Airside Road Network Speed Limits
    ASGrOps_SA_023 13 Mar 2020
    Speeding in the Cargo tunnel
    ASGrOps_SA_022 27 Dec 2019 Collision between aircraft and vehicle on stand
    ASGrOps_SA_021 05 Aug 2019 Baggage Hall Safety
    ASDRVE_SA_020 11 Jun 2019 Unsecured Loads on Dollies
    ASGrOps_SA_019 11 Jun 2019 Procedure for aircraft if SEG not activated
    ASGrOps_SA_018 3 Apr 2019 Use of Fixed Electrical Ground Power (FEGP)
    Safety Catch Dated Issue
    Safety Catch June 2020 8
    Safety Catch December 2019 7
    Safety Catch January 2018 4
    Safety Catch May 2018 5
    Safety Catch October 2018 6
    Airside Standard
    Airside Standard May 2022 May Issue
    Airside Standard April 2022 April Issue
    Airside Standard February 2019 February Issue
    Airside Standard April 2019 April Issue
    Airside Standard June 2019 June Issue
    Airside Standard August 2019 August Issue
    Airside Standard November 2019 November Issue

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