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  • It is the responsibility of all employers to ensure that relevant Operational Safety Instructions (OSIs) are brought to the attention of their staff. However, individuals remain responsible for their own actions and those who are in any doubt should consult their supervisor or manager.

    This page contains all current OSIs, downloadable in PDF format. The subject matter of the OSIs has been reviewed and those no longer of relevance, or which are considered to be sufficiently promulgated, have been deleted without replacement.

    Operational Safety Instructions (OSIs)

    Safety management system

    Title Date


    Mandatory Occurrence Reporting 09 Dec 2019
    ASSMS_OSI_067 Airside Incident Reporting 01 Jun 2018  


    Aerodrome Manual 03 Nov 2020  

    Promulgation of information

    Document Title Date   Version
    ASPROM_OSI_070  Notification of Cancelled OSI's 01st Feb 2022 V2.0

    Aerodrome works

    Document Title Date Version
    ASWorks_OSI_004 Control of Work Airside 26 Nov 2018


    Appendix A

    Control of Work Airside Appendix A - Permits for Working Airside 18 Dec 2019  


    Appendix B

    Control of Work Airside Appendix B - Procedures for Working Airside 26 Nov 2018  
    ASWorks_OSI_003 Procedure for the Approval of Crane and Other Tall Construction Equipment 21 Jan 2019  

    Aerodrome safeguarding

    Document Title Date Version
    ASSG_OSI_050 Drones at Heathrow 18 December 2020

    Roads, vehicles and equipment

    Document Title Date Version
    ASDRVE_OSI_089 Vehicle Wash Bay Facilities – Airside 02 Feb 2020
    ASDRVE_OSI_087 Management of Airside Infractions 01 Oct 2019  
    ASDRVE_OSI_087 Summary of Charges 01 Oct 2019  
    ASDRVE_OSI_080 Driving in Airside Tunnels 09 Oct 2020  



    Cargo Tunnel Driver News 04 Sep 2019  
    ASDRVE_OSI_005 Vehicles and Equipment Airside - Operation 18 Nov 2020  


    Appendix B

    Vehicles and Equipment Airside - Operation 20 Jan 2019  
    ASDRVE_OSI_006 Airside Driver Training and the Airside Driver Permit 17 Mar 2017  
    ASDRVE_OSI_008 Vehicles and Equipment Airside - Requirements 05 Nov 2019  
    ASDRVE_OSI_009 Escorting of Vehicles Airside 22 Jan 2020  
    ASDRVE_OSI_010 ATC Radio Frequencies Control of Vehicles on the Manoeuvring Area 12 Nov 2021 V5.0



    AIP Supplement 047/2018 30 Aug 2018  
    ASDRVE_OSI_011 Airbridges - Operators Permit, Operation and Use 13 Feb 2016  
    ASDRVE_OSI_012 Unit Load Device Management and Dolly / Trailer Equipment Standards 10 Sept 2021 V2.0
    ASDRVE_OSI_013 Airbridge Operations - Pier Six 29 May 2014  
    ASDRVE_OSI_015 Control Post 16 Operating Protocol 04 Oct 2017
    ASDRVE_OSI_017 Pedestrian Walkways and Crossing Airside 09 Jan 2020  
    ASDRVE_OSI_018 Aircraft Fixed Electrical Ground Power Operating Procedures and Conditions of Use 06 Jul 2012  
    ASDRIVE_OSI_074 ATC Recognised Callsigns for Vehicle  23 Mar 2022 V5.1

    Ground Operations

    Document Title Date Version
    ASGrOps_OSI_019 Fuelling of Aircraft 03 Aug 2021  
    ASGrOps_OSI_021 Aircraft Arrivals Procedure on Stand 18 Jun 2020  
    ASGrOps_OSI_022 Aircraft Turn Round Procedures 28 Jun 2021  
    ASGrOps_OSI_023 Aircraft Departure Procedures off Stand
    24 Feb 2018  
    ASGrOps_OSI_024 Aircraft Maintenance on Stand
    05 Nov 2021 V3.0
    ASGrOps_OSI_026 Aircraft Tugs Push Back and Towing 20 Apr 2020  
    ASGrOps_OSI_030 Aircraft Aprons/Stands - Types & Markings 03 Jan 2020  
    ASGrOps_OSI_033 Stand 601 - 609 09 Aug 2018  
    ASGrOps_OSI_034 Stands - Operations of Royal Suite Apron and the Introduction of Stand 457 457L 457R and Stand 458 06 Aug 2021  
    ASGrOps_OSI_036 Detention of Aircraft 03 Jul 2020  
    ASGrOps_OSI_037 Aircraft Remote Holding Procedure 14 Ma4 2021  
    ASGrOps_OSI_039 Protocol for Notification of Communicable Disease or any Death on Board Aircraft at Heathrow 08 Sep 2020  
    ASGrOps_OSI_041 Minimum Induction Training for Staff Operating on Airside Roads and Ramp Areas 18 Feb 2019  
    ASGrOps_OSI_042 Use of Personal Protective Equipment Airside 01 Mar 2018  
    ASGrOps_OSI_043 Prohibition of Smoking in Airside Areas 21 Jan 2020  
    ASGrOps_OSI_045 Handling of Electric Mobility Aids Airside 20 Aug 2012  
    ASGrOps_OSI_046 Alcohol and Classified Drugs 25 Mar 2020  
    ASGrOps_OSI_047 Allocation of Aircraft Parking Stands 30 Jan 2020  
    ASGrOps_OSI_048 Aircraft Diversion Procedures 19 Feb 2019  
    ASGrOps_OSI_072 Airline Pushback Restrictions 28 Apr 2020  
    ASGrOps_OSI_073 Use of Remotely Operated Pushback Vehicles 28 Jun 2019  
    ASGrOps_OSI_081 Airside Cleanliness and FOD Management 07 Jun 2018  
    ASGrOps_OSI_090 Airport Operations Plan (AOP) 07 Feb 2020  
    ASGrOps_OSI_092 Baggage Operational Safety Standards 26 Apr 2021  

    Emergency Operations and Contingencies

    Document Title Date Version
    Operations at Heathrow Airport with Depleted Rescue and Fire Fighting Service 13 Oct 2020  
    ASEO_OSI_069 Aircraft Recovery Plan
    28 Dec 2017  
    ASEO_OSI_076 Emergency Orders 1 Jun 2019  

    Adverse weather

    Document Title Date Version
    ASWeather_OSI_052 Low Visibility Operations 06 Aug 2021  
    ASWeather_OSI_053 Winter Hazards and the Aerodrome Snow Plan 27 Oct 2022 V7.0
    ASWeather_OSI_053 App_A
    Winter Hazards and the Aerodrome Snow Plan - Appendix A (Prill and Salt Bin Locations) 27 Oct 2022 V3.0
    ASWeather_OSI_054 Adverse Weather 28 Jan 2020  

    Environmental Management

    Title Date Version
    ASEnv_OSI_038 Administration and Enforcement of Night Aircraft Movement and Quota Limits 27 Oct 2022 V12.0


    Appendix A

    Heathrow Night Movement and Quota Allocation Procedures 30 Mar 2022  


    Appendix B

    Flow Chart for the Management of Night Quota 30 Mar 2022  


    Appendix C

    Scheduling Restrictions in the Night Period 30 Mar 2022  
    ASEnv_OSI_055 Airside Environment - Pre Conditioned Air Rules and Procedures 28 Sep 2016  
    ASEnv_OSI_056 Airside Environment - Pollution Prevention 02 Jun 2017  
    ASEnv_OSI_057 Airside Environment - De-icing Fluid Management Reporting Procedures 07 Apr 2017  
    ASEnv_OSI_058 Airside Environment - Waste Management and Disposal Including Aircraft Cabin Waste 18 May 2021  
    ASEnv_OSI_059 Spillage and Incident Reporting Procedures 07 May  2022  
    ASEnv_OSI_060 Surcharges for Noise Infringements by Departing Aircraft 06 Jan 2020  
    Ground Noise at Heathrow - Approval Control Process and Safety of Engine Ground Running
    13 July 2018  
    ASEnv_OSI_062  Disposal of Pollutants, Oils and Lubricants and other Hazardous Waste 07 May 2022  
    ASEnv_OSI_078 Use of Aircraft Auxiliary Power Units 13 July 2018  

    Wildlife Hazard Management

    Document Title Date Version
    ASWHM_OSI_077 Wildlife Hazards and Reporting of Birdstrikes 27 Apr 2021


    Date Version
    ASOther_OSI_084 Ice Fall and Vortex Reporting and Management 13 Dec 2018
    ASOther_OSI_064 Airfield Map  28 Nov 2022 V 9.0