Changes to entering the UK using EU ID cards

From 1st October 2021, most EU, EEA and Swiss nationals will need to use a valid passport to travel to the UK. ID cards will no longer be accepted as a valid travel document to enter the UK, though some exemptions will apply. 

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  • It is the responsibility of all employers to ensure that relevant Operational Advice Notices (OANs) are brought to the attention of their staff. However, individuals remain responsible for their own actions and those who are in any doubt should consult their supervisor or manager.

    This page contains all current OANs, downloadable in PDF format. The subject matter of the OANs has been reviewed and those no longer of relevance, or which are considered to be sufficiently promulgated, have been deleted without replacement.

    Operational Advice Notices (OANs)

    Title Document Date Version
    AsWorks_OAN_070 Cargo Tunnel Refurbishment Works 10 Sept 2021 V2.0
    ASGrOps_OAN_069 Pre-Conditioned Air Summer 2021 Operating Principles 09 Sept 2021 V2.0
    AsWorks_OAN_073 Remedial concrete works and manhole works T2 Road North abeam stand 236 24 August 2021  
    ASWHM_OAN_067 Solitary Bees 06 July 2021  
    ASGrOps_OAN_066 Tunnel Link Road Change of Speed Limit 28 Jun 2021  
    ASWorks_OAN_065 Tempoary Controlled Taxiway Crossing to Support Alpha South Taxiway Rehabilitation Works 24 Jun 2021  
    ASWorks_OAN_064 Tempoary Reconfiguration of Stand 301 to support Alpha South Taxiway Rehabilitation Works 24 Jun 2021  
    ASGrOps_OAN_063 COVID-19 Red Terminal Operations 14  July 2021  
    ASDRVE_OAN_061 Permanent Closure of T2 Road North Eastbound Lane 12 Apr 2021  
    ASGrOps_OAN_060 Temporary Closure of Control Post 10 19 Feb 2021  
    ASGrOps_OAN_059 Amended Follow-Me Procedures for Runway Crossings 04 Jan 2021  
    ASGrOps_OAN_058 Return of Stand 316 and 317 22 Dec 2020  
    ASDRVE_OAN_041 Airside Driver Training During COVID-19 18 Dec 2020  
    ASGrOps_OAN_042 COVID-19 Temporary Suspension of Airbridge Training 18 Dec 2020  
    ASDRVE_OAN_057 Zulu-Cul-De-Sac Roadway changes 08 Dec 2020  
    ASGrOps_OAN_056    Winter Operations - Head of Stand Modular Units (HOSMUs) 11 Nov 2020  
    ASGrOps_OAN_035    Special Protocol for Notification of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) 08 Sept 2020  
    ASGrOps_OAN_052 COVID19 Safe Return to Normal Operations 31 Jul 2020  
    ASGrOps_OAN_050 Face Covering During COVID-19 14 Jul 2020  
    ASGrOps_OAN_047 COVID-19 Aircraft Engine Running and Unusual Maintenance Activities 18 Jun 2020  
    ASGrOps_OAN_046 Handling of Ad hoc Charter Flights - Appendix A - Form 02 Jun 2020  
    ASGrOps_OAN_046 Handling of Ad hoc Charter Flights 02 Jun 2020  
    ASGrOps_OAN_045 Temporary Change - Carriage of Liquids by Team Heathrow Colleagues and Air Crew 06 May 2020  
    ASGrOps_OAN_039 Contingency Parking – Tug Crews 20 Mar 2020
    ASOther_OAN_033 Aircraft Pushbacks from Cargo Area: Zulu & 600 stands into CPSRA 12 Feb 2020