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  • It is the responsibility of all employers to ensure that relevant Operational Advice Notices (OANs) are brought to the attention of their staff. However, individuals remain responsible for their own actions and those who are in any doubt should consult their supervisor or manager.

    This page contains all current OANs, downloadable in PDF format. The subject matter of the OANs has been reviewed and those no longer of relevance, or which are considered to be sufficiently promulgated, have been deleted without replacement.

    Operational Advice Notices (OANs)

    Title Document Date Version
    ASGrOps_OAN_069 Aircraft De-icing Portable Water Tanks 23 Nov 2022 V2.0
    ASGrOps_OAN_069_App _A Appendix A: Step by Step Operating Procedures for T2 and T5 De-icing Facilities   23 Nov 2022 V2.0
    ASWorks_OAN_124 Airside Tunnel Maintenance Closure Programme 2023 22 Nov 2022 V1.0
    ASWorks_OAN_105 Pier 7 Connector Road North Closure 21 Nov 2022 V3.0
    ASWorks_OAN_123 Taxiway Golf Uncontrolled Taxiway Crossing Closure 14 Nov 2022 V1.0
    ASWHM_OAN_067 Solitary Bees 7 Nov 2022 V3.0
    ASWorks_OAN_120 Eastern Tug Road Closure 7 Nov 2022 V1.0
    ASWorks_OAN_107 ARCS Testing  7 Sep 2022 V1.0
    ASWorks_OAN_106 Terminal 3 Pre Conditioned Air Trial 7 Sep 2022 V2.0
    ASWorks__OAN_103 BA Turnround Trial 08 Aug 2022 V1.0
    ASWHM_OAN_068 Solitary Bees 24 May 2022 V2.0
    ASGrOps_OAN_085 New Road Signage in Terminal 5 14 Apr 2022 V1.0
    ASGrOps_OAN_084 Removal of Gas Oil 14 Mar 2022 V1.0
    AsGrOps_OAN_069 Appendix B: Step by step operating instructions for stand 594 / 595 water tank 23 Dec 2021 V1.0
    ASWorks_OAN_070 Cargo Tunnel Refurbishment Works 25 Aug 2022 V4.0
    ASGrOps_OAN_059 Amended Follow-Me Procedures for Runway Crossings 04 Jan 2021  
    ASGrOps_OAN_046 Handling of Ad hoc Charter Flights - Appendix A - Form 02 Jun 2020  
    ASGrOps_OAN_046 Handling of Ad hoc Charter Flights 02 Jun 2020  
    ASGrOps_OAN_045 Temporary Change - Carriage of Liquids by Team Heathrow Colleagues and Air Crew 06 May 2020