Microsoft global outage - 19 July

Microsoft is currently experiencing a global outage which is impacting select systems at Heathrow. Flights are operational and we are implementing contingency plans to minimise any impact on journeys. Please check with your airline for the latest flight information.

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It is the responsibility of all employers to ensure that relevant Operational Advice Notices (OANs) are brought to the attention of their staff. However, individuals remain responsible for their own actions and those who are in any doubt should consult their supervisor or manager.

This page contains all current OANs, downloadable in PDF format. The subject matter of the OANs has been reviewed and those no longer of relevance, or which are considered to be sufficiently promulgated, have been deleted without replacement.

Operational Advice Notices (OANs)

Title Document Date Version
ASWorks_OAN_297 Security Programme - Control Post 19 – Closure 12th August 2024 – 28th May 2025 17 July 2024 V1.0
ASWorks_OAN_296 Terminal 2 Stand Entry Guidance System Surveys 16 July 2024 V1.0
ASWorks_OAN_295 Terminal 3 Pier 5 Road West Partial Closure 16 July 2024 V1.0
ASWorks_OAN_294 Terminal 4 FEGP Maintenance Works  16 July 2024 V1.0
ASWorks_OAN_290 T5A South Parking Area Closure 15 July 2024 V2.0
ASWorks_OAN_261 T5 Stand Painted Aircraft Stop Markings  15 July 2024 V2.0
ASWorks_OAN_293 T5B and T5C FEGP Convertor Replacement Works 15 July 2024 V1.0
ASWorks_OAN_287 Planned UKPNS Maintenance Power Outage (July 2024) 5 July 2024 V2.0
ASWorks_OAN_291 North and West Circular Road Closures  5 July 2024 V1.0
ASWorks_OAN_264 Terminal 2 – Pollutant Waste Bin (POL Bin) Consolidation 1 July 2024 V2.0
ASGrOps_OAN_249 Restricted Use of Taxiway Uncontrolled Crossings 27 June 2024 V3.0
ASWorks_OAN_289 Terminal 2 Ultra Rapid Charging Station 26 June 2024 V1.0
ASWorks_OAN_135 Cargo Tunnel Refurbishment Works (Weekend Closures) 26 June 2024 V14.0
ASGrOps_OAN_286 Individual Trailer Length Temporary Requirement 18 June 2024 V1.0
ASGrOps_OAN_285 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 17 June 2024 V1.0
ASEO_OAN_256 Trial – Emergency Response to Aircraft Damage Events 4 June 2024 V2.0
ASGrOps_OAN_091 Pre-Conditioned Air Operating Principles (June to October 2024)  3 June 2024 V5.0
ASWorks_OAN_274 T2 Baggage Recovery Facility – Road Alterations (Phase 1) 22 May 2024 V1.0
ASWorks_OAN_273 Airfield Optimisation – Airside Redundant Equipment Survey 22 May 2024 V1.0
ASWorks_OAN_272 Terminal 5 Ramp Information Display System 21 May 2024 V1.0
ASWorks_OAN_265 T2 Baggage Recovery Facility – Walking Route Changes 26 April 2024 V1.0
ASWHM_OAN_068 Solitary Bees (May – September) 16 April 2024 V5.0
ASWorks_OAN_250 Iridium Triangle Permanent Closure – GSE Parking locations 28 March 2024 V1.1
ASWorks_OAN_241 Airside Space Allocation Process 13 March 2024 V2.0
ASWorks_OAN_223 Lima, Tango and Link 51 Taxiway Closures 2 February 2024 V1.0
ASWorks_OAN_070 Cargo Tunnel Refurbishment Works 22 January 2024 V6.0
ASWorks_OAN_124 Airside Tunnels Maintenance Closure Programme 2024 7 December 2023 V2.0
ASGrOps_OAN_143 United Airlines Aircraft Hangar- Stands 703/704 26 May 2023 V1.0
ASGrOps_OAN_111 Snowbase Vehicle Access Restrictions 29 March 2023 V1.0
ASGrOps_OAN_046 Handling of Ad hoc Charter Flights - Appendix A - Form 2 June 2020  
ASGrOps_OAN_046 Handling of Ad hoc Charter Flights 2 June 2020