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  • Sustainability, risk and reputation

    Sustainability, risk & reputation

    Heathrow is the main door to and from the UK. Our relationship with our partners, our passengers, our local community and the whole of the UK is a key priority, and impacts our ability to operate and grow. 
    That’s why we take great pride in our positive reputation. The sustainability, risk and reputation department is a complex and exciting environment with many different areas that work collaboratively to make sure that Heathrow is a great place to work, a sustainable, ethical business, and a world class hub airport.

    Fun facts

    Explore Heathrow, a city within a city.

    Over 20,000 trees, shrubs and plants were planted around Heathrow Terminal 5 to landscape the area.

    There are 800 digital screens and 1,500 static panels across Heathrow Terminal 5.