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  • Operational Planning

    Operational Planning

    About our team​

    Operational Planning allows us to meet our ambition despite the changes we continuously experience as one of the busiest airports in the world. The team are responsible for creating the right planning proposition, from defining roles to building rosters, and delivering an effective plan every day. It is about understanding our capacity and making best use of it as well as evaluating our performance every day, so we can continuously improve.

    Role examples​

    • Head of Planning Proposition​
    • Capacity Planning Manager ​
    • Planning & Intelligence Manager ​
    • Operations Planning Analyst ​
    • Data & Analytics Engineer ​
    • Systems Analyst ​
    • Support Analyst ​
    • Colleagues Services Manager ​
    • Resource Scheduler 

    Skill areas​

    • Understanding of business and airline operating models​
    • Forecasting and planning​
    • Data analysis, IT skills and data visualisation – excel ​
    • External and internal stakeholders – APOC, Security, baggage and airline partners ​
    • Capacity planning e.g. baggage stands, security, check- in ​
    • Target delivery – Quality of Service Monitor (QSM) and Service Quality Rebate (SQR) - Heathrow’s service measures​
    • Continuous improvement and efficiency​
    • Respond to incidents and disruption 


    See our guidebook (PDF)

    If you want to find out more about what it is like to work in operational planning, we have created a handy guidebook in PDF format.