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About our team​

Our strategy team is a key area for the present and the future of Heathrow. We use state of the art tools and techniques to deliver high quality analysis for the business. The team covers Masterplanning, Capacity & Forecasting, Economics and Strategy, Regulation & Customer.

We strive to build positive relationships and teamwork across complex partner groups, and focus on influencing external policies and simplifying core business processes to drive excellent decision making.

We look at emerging global trends and beyond the horizon to craft and develop the business.  Creative thinking, diversity of ideas, and challenging the status quo are central to this work.

Role examples​

  • Tactical Forecast Manager ​
  • Economic Analyst ​
  • Research Data Manager 

Skill areas​

  • Data centric​
  • Understanding of airline operating models and economics ​
  • Strategic thinker​
  • Document creation e.g. Business cases and presentations​
  • Data and business modelling​
  • Business planning and forecasting​
  • Political and economic awareness