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  • Security


    Our security team provides Heathrow’s flagship service, ensuring top-class security – as well as giving the best airport service in the world.

    A crucial role

    Security at Heathrow is about looking after the safety and wellbeing of our passengers, but there’s more to it than that. Every member of the security team makes the Heathrow experience that little bit different. We keep people moving, and we make each passenger feel welcome.

    Career opportunities

    We are always happy to welcome enthusiastic people who can demonstrate their passion for customer service. The most important roles in security are:

    • Security officer: one of the main customer facing roles at the airport.
    • Security manager: the first point of contact in security, balancing customer service and leadership skills.
    • Security operations manager: one of the most important leadership roles in the airport, responsible for inspiring and motivating a large number of colleagues.

    Fun facts

    Explore Heathrow, a city within a city.

    Our Security colleagues carry out over 10,000 patrols every year, to keep everyone safe.

    Our campus security colleagues patrol all eight miles of Heathrow’s perimeter 24hrs a day, every day.