Microsoft global outage - 19 July

Microsoft is currently experiencing a global outage which is impacting select systems at Heathrow. Flights are operational and we are implementing contingency plans to minimise any impact on journeys. Please check with your airline for the latest flight information.

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About our team​

The Engineering team are responsible for the successful 24/7, day-to-day operation and performance of Heathrow’s 500,000 asset base, which is continuously evolving.  The types of engineering span Mechanical, Electrical, Water, Civil, Rail, Baggage and environmental. Just a few of the critical services that we operate and maintain include the world-class cleanliness in our terminals, lighting and power to our runways, all CCTV across the airport, flight information screens within our terminals, our security equipment, all water, heating and cooling systems, the Engineering Help Centre and our Track Transit Train (TTS).  You don't always need airport experience; we can provide training to get you up to speed.We thrive on colleagues who are passionate, curious, inquisitive, who want to make continuous change in a safe, reliable and efficient way.​

Role examples​

  • Multi-skilled Technicians ​
  • Facilities Inspectors​
  • Engineers – all disciplines​
  • Rail Control Room Operatives​
  • Safety and Compliance Managers​
  • Supplier Operations Coordinators​
  • Employee Help Centre Advisors​
  • Water Analyst ​

Skill areas​

  • Skill areas​
  • Health and safety compliance​
  • Asset and facilities maintenance and management – electrical, water, baggage, rail​
  • Risk, policies and procedures​
  • Inspections, measurement, and data collection and reporting​
  • Responding to faults and issues, and resolving them​
  • Planning, scheduling, forecasting and continuous improvement​
  • Third party and contract management ​