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ID pass regulation

All the ID pass scheme's rules are contained in one convenient document, the ID Pass Application Standard. This tells you what's needed to apply for, and obtain, each type of pass.

Most of the regulations that set out the ways that we can authorise and verify access to the security restricted or airside areas of our airports are contained in the European Regulation Direction 185/2010 (published April 2010).

We have used this direction to prepare our ID Pass Application Standard. Please note that this is an important document and you must agree to keep it where it cannot be accessed by others and destroy it in a secure manner when you no longer require it.

Please note that the contents of the document form the curriculum of our authorised signatory training programme.

Download ID Pass Application Standard (618KB PDF)

Download Terms and Conditions for Heathrow's ID Pass Scheme (487KB PDF)

Download Nominated Officer Form (348KB PDF)

Download Nominated Officer Guidance (327KB PDF)