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Supplier Enquiries

We are always keen to hear from new suppliers, whether it’s regarding currently advertised opportunities to join our supply chain or with opportunities which you believe may offer value to our operation.

To get in contact with Portfolio and Supplier Management please email

Contact Heathrow as a Whistle Blower

Heathrow has signed up to the Prompt Payment Code (PPC), covering prompt payment, as well as wider payment procedures.

We are committed to ensuring that fair payment terms and cash ​flow are cascaded throughout our wider supply chains. Where a supplier is not directly procured by Heathrow, we will seek assurance that the supplier is not on less favourable terms than a tier-1 supplier and that the balance of risk and reward is fair for the works being undertaken.

If you are a tier-2 or 3 supplier who feels that the tier-1 supplier is not meeting the obligations of the Prompt Payment Code we urge you to contact the Portfolio and Supplier Management Team using