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  • Find information about contracts awarded directly by Heathrow, including the status of current and future opportunities.

    Information is kept up to date on a best endeavours basis.

    Suppliers are able to register on Heathrow’s latest system by clicking the following link to the Theo system.

    Please note, Heathrow chooses not to advertise all its opportunities on this website.

    Title Short Description Status Category Estimated Value Award Date    Find out more
    Fleet Strategic Partnership Heathrow’s vehicle fleet strategy. Completed
    Q3, 2021
    Sustainable PPE (facemasks) RFI for Sustainable PPE (facemasks). Completed  Operations £150k-250k Q4, 2021 Find out more
    Insulated Roll Up / Slide Doors The requirement for amendments to be made to four (4) cold environment doors. Door Apertures are 265cm (H) x 224cm (W) with limited head clearance. Completed Operations £26k -£50k
    Q4 2021 Find out more
    Window Frosting Project Glass frosting installed across the internal or external office façade stretching 40 meters (22 windows), addition of branding logos, addition of entrance / exit text specifications. Completed  Operations n/a Q3 2021 Find out more
    Cycle Shed Replacement
    Removal and disposal of existing cycle shed, preparation of base brick / cement work, instillation of new cycle shed (crica 3m x 2m) and fastening posts / equivalent, appropriate warranty or issue resolution. Completed  Operations n/a Q3 2021 Find out more
    Filters Specification - Common sizes used at Heathrow, 287 x 592 x 635, 492 x 492 x 635, 492 x 592 x 635, 592 x 287 x 635, 592 x 492 x 635, 592 x 592 x 635 Completed  Operations n/a Q3 2021 Find out more