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In order to be successful and align the supply chain to its business objectives, Heathrow seeks a number of qualities and values from its supply chain. Heathrow is also keen to provide the necessary information and support to assist potential suppliers of various sizes.

A brief introduction to these can be found in our Supplier Guide, giving an overview of Heathrow’s Values, our expectations of prospective suppliers and the Balanced Scorecard we will develop in the future and aim to use to evaluate potential suppliers.


Below shows Heathrow’s main policy documents, outlining the expectations we place on potential suppliers at Heathrow in more detail with regards to a number of areas including Sustainability, Health and Safety, Information Security and Modern Slavery, etc.

Policies downloadable below are provided as examples. Heathrow shall not accept liability for the accuracy, adequacy or completeness of information and data.

Policies without download links below can be downloaded once a supplier has successfully registered onto Heathrow’s Theo system.

If taking part in a tender, refer to the Policy documents provided as part of the tender. If any questions or clarifications, seek within the tender.

The following is a link to our current terms and conditions for the purchase of simple goods and/or services that may be procured via a Purchase Order. The purchase of complex goods and/or services and any works will be via the execution of a formal contract.

Acceptable Use Policy
Acceptable Use Policy