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As part of the world's largest commercial airport operator, Heathrow understands the business dynamics of airport-related companies and organisations.

We appreciate that each company has its own distinct property needs. Our experience and our ongoing communication with existing customers enable us to provide a range of property products that meet everyone's needs.

Heathrow property products

Offices: Heathrow owns 180,000 m² of office space ranging from support offices within terminals to corporate headquarters.

Lounges: Our airline lounges - known as CIP Lounges - have experienced such growth over recent years that we now provide in excess of 45,000 m² both within the arrivals and departure halls. As airlines continue to strive to provide enhanced levels of customer care, this expansion is set to continue.

Airside support: Heathrow Airport owns more than 100,000 m² of space leased for airside support in the heart of the airports. Our airside support accommodation includes ramps, used for forward servicing and located under the piers; motor transport depots, used for servicing the vehicles and equipment that attend the planes; catering bases for the preparation and delivery of inflight catering; and aircraft hangars for maintenance at a local base to minimise disruption to flight schedules.

Available accommodation

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NB: For vacant retail space please visit our Commercial concession page.