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Heathrow regularly hosts and takes part in supplier engagement events. Take a look at the opportunities below for more information on upcoming events including details on how to register.
If you'd like to discuss these events in more detail you can contact us at

Heathrow Business Summit 2024

The Heathrow Business Summit for 2024 is scheduled to occur later this year. This event serves as our primary platform for networking and collaboration, uniting key stakeholders, industry leaders, and entrepreneurs to explore growth and innovation opportunities within the aviation and related sectors.

Stay informed

Stay updated with upcoming details on dates, speakers, and registration information, which will be announced soon. In the meantime, explore highlights from our previous summit held in November 2023 by clicking the button below.


News and previous events

Catch up on our past events and milestones on CompeteFor, including examples like the implementation of the Heathrow Net Zero Plan and Heathrow Business Summit successes.