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Track flights on maps

We have three related map-based tools that are designed to give you information – including noise levels – about planes using Heathrow’s flight paths.

xPlane allows you to find out what flew over you, when and how often. WebTrak allows you to track specific flights on specific days in relation to where you live. WebTrak 'My Neighbourhood' system gives you a general overview of where planes fly, giving you a better understanding of Heathrow's operations over time.

xPlane - find out what flew over you, when and how often

With xPlane you can:

  • Locate your address on the map
  • Display information about the numbers, heights, position and types of aircraft over your property
  • Look at flights over your area from the last seven years


xPlane is a powerful tool so we suggest you first read the manual to help you get the most out of it. You can download the manual here.

WebTrak – track a specific flight near you

With WebTrak you can:

  • Locate your address on the map
  • Display individual planes as they take off or land at Heathrow, detailing the type of plane, height, origin and destination of the flight as well as the noise levels recorded for that flight
  • Look at specific flights over different day and time periods
  • Track a specific flight and make a complaint about it.
  • View rainfall charts to see how weather events can affect aircraft positions.
  • View departure routes to monitor how well aircraft stay within the routes up to 4,000ft.
  • View overflights from other airports.
Webtrack map


Please note that there is a delay of 20 minutes on the flights shown on WebTrak.

WebTrak 'My Neighbourhood' – see an overview of Heathrow flight paths

With WebTrak 'My Neighbourhood' you can:

  • Locate your address on the map
  • Display general information of where aircraft fly at Heathrow
  • Understand how often particular flight paths are generally used on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis
  • View detailed information on Heathrow's operations, such as a heat map that allows you to see at a glance how the distribution of traffic changes across the months.
Webtrack My neighbourhood map

The flight data for WebTrak is taken directly from the National Air Traffic Services (NATS) radar that is used to direct aircraft at Heathrow. The accuracy of the system has been verified by the Civil Aviation Authority and by independent Dutch company NLR.

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