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Quieter Homes Scheme

The Quieter Homes Scheme provides practical support to those homeowners most affected by aircraft noise at Heathrow. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, we independently assess each home to determine what noise insulation measures will be most effective, and pay the full cost of carrying out the work.

Who the scheme is for

The Quieter Homes Scheme covers approximately 1,200 homes located close to Heathrow which experience the highest level of aircraft noise. In May 2017, we wrote to all eligible addresses that had not previously benefited from the scheme, to inform residents of the scheme and invite them to register their interest.

How the scheme works

After registering your interest, we arrange a free, independent noise assessment survey at your home to carry out acoustic tests to measure noise disturbance. The assessor then determines what needs to be done to insulate your particular home. This may include loft and ceiling insulation, double-glazing or external door replacements. Building work is then arranged. Residents who are eligible for this scheme pay nothing for any recommended soundproofing home improvements, which may include loft and ceiling overboarding, double-glazing and external door replacements.

We have a seven stage policy plan to encourage all home owners to take up the offer. We have received a large level of response to the initiative and we aim to complete all successful applications in the next few years.

Registering your interest

To find out more, please contact the Noise Helpdesk on 0800 344844 or email

More information

You can download more information here:

Heathrow Quieter Homes Scheme leaflet

Heathrow Quieter Homes FAQs (English only)

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