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Community noise reports

One of the commitments in our Noise Action Plan focuses on providing supplementary sources of information about aircraft noise impacts. As part of this and working with local community representatives we have developed a noise monitoring programme which aims to provide more detailed information for specific areas around the airport. Different locations are selected annually and a series of reports are produced and published below.

The latest reports are presented in a new format developed in conjunction with members of the Heathrow Community Noise Forum (HCNF). These Community Information Reports use a range of metrics that are simple and clear for those without a technical knowledge, and better reflect people’s experience of aircraft noise.

Community information reports

Ascot (6.2MB)

Bishopsgate (4.6MB)

National Physical Laboratory, Teddington (5.1MB)

Strawberry Hill House, Twickenham (5.0MB)

A commentary on Teddington and Twickenham reports by Teddington Action Group (TAG) is available on their website here. The views expressed in the article are TAG's and do not represent those of Heathrow.

Previous reports can be downloaded below.

Community noise and track-keeping reports

Brockley (7.9MB)

Feltham (7.3MB)

Windsor Great Park (11.1MB)

Teddington (5.0MB)

Thorney (5.7MB)

Ham Island (4.5MB)

Ickenham (5.0MB)

Hendon (1.3MB)

Mogden (1.9MB)

Barnes (1.5MB)

Burhill (1.6MB)

Holyport (1.6MB)

Chertsey (1.2MB)