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Working towards a quieter Heathrow

Aerial view of Heathrow

Planned taxiway works

26 September 2018

Between 3 October and 18 December major construction work is required to rebuild one of Heathrow’s taxiways adjacent to the northern runway. The taxiway is used by aircraft exiting the runway after landing when the airport is on easterly operations. Its closure means that the number of aircraft that can land is restricted on that runway due to the longer time that planes will remain on the runway until they can exit using an alternative taxiway. To maintain safe operations and mitigate the impact of this work, during periods of easterly operations we will have to land some aircraft (an extra two per hour) on the southern runway after 7am while the work is being carried out. More information can be found here.


Welcome to Heathrow's aircraft noise website

We know that as well as bringing huge benefits to the UK, an airport the size and importance of Heathrow has downsides for people living nearby, in particular the challenge of aircraft noise.

Heathrow is at the forefront of international efforts to tackle noise. As a result, even though the number of planes has gone up, Heathrow's noise footprint has shrunk considerably over the past few decades. But despite these efforts we know that noise remains an issue. We are committed to addressing it and to reduce the impact of noise on residents.

This site explains Heathrow’s operations including information on flights paths and the rules governing the airport. You can track flights on maps, make a noise complaint and find out what we’re doing to make Heathrow quieter. You’ll also find information on future plans including potential airspace changes.

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